Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Of My Favorite Things – Food Storage Containers

When it comes to food storage I want easy, efficient and cost effective.  I also don’t mind a little style to go along with all that.  I thought I’d share some of the things that make me happy when it comes to storing my leftovers and freezing foods. 

Pyrex Mixing Bowl Set With Lids 

I love the versatility this set provides.  Not only is it a great set of mixing bowls but they have lids so I can use them to store leftovers.  They are also pretty enough to use as serving dishes and with the lids it makes it really convenient to take them to a potluck or BBQ.  I consider this set a great gift item as well. 

Pyrex Storage Dishes With Lids 

I own several of these.  I bought two sets – rectangle and round and then added additional pieces.  I love that Pyrex has open stock so you can supplement a set or replace a broken dish.  I use the small rectangle dish and lid and the two cup round with lid to transport my lunch to work.  Very convenient and they fit right inside my insulated lunch box.  I also love them for packing a picnic lunch in addition to storing leftovers, cookies, muffins, sliced banana bread, etc.  Again, another great gift item. 

Canning Jars & Plastic Caps 

I discovered the plastic caps a few years ago and was immediately sold.  I use them every time I open a jar of homemade salsa or jam.  I use canning jars for more than just canning too.  They hold a lot of things like my bulk purchases of cornstarch, baking soda, baking cocoa and such.  When I mix up a batch of homemade buttermilk dressing I put it in a pint jar with a plastic cap.  The jars are pretty enough to set on the table too.  I love my quart jars for storing my homemade granola, pancake mix, trail mix and brown sugar. 

I love to hunt for vintage quart jars at yard sales and thrift stores to add to my collection.  Their shapes are unique and they have a bit of color to them – green, blue or a golden hue.  I love some of the interesting script and advertising on them too.  It adds interest to my utilitarian pantry. 

You can put so many things in a pint jar to give as gifts too – homemade jam, hot cocoa mix, soup starter, friendship tea, assorted candies, whatever.  Cover with a round of cute fabric cut with pinking shears over the lid, screw on the ring and voila!  Add some raffia or a pretty ribbon and a cute label to complete it. 

I recently discovered half gallon canning jars.  I’m know they’ve been around awhile but I wasn’t really paying attention.  I plan to get some for storing rice, beans, sugar and pasta.  My plastic jars (old peanut jars) are beginning to look pretty ratty, all scratched and foggy looking.  As I replace them they will go in the recycle bin. 

Plastic Freezer Containers 

Rubbermaid, Ziploc and Glad make a great product.  I like their plastic containers for freezing foods like spaghetti sauce, chili, broth, etc.  They will expand as things freeze without breaking.  They hold up pretty well and when they are worn out they are completely recyclable.  The initial upfront investment is pretty minimal too so it one gets lost or ruined you aren’t out a whole lot.  I watch for coupons and them buy them on sale to maximize my savings.

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