Monday, August 21, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Happy Eclipse Day!

Our week, was busy, but surprisingly it didn't really feel like that.  Band camp finished up and my oldest daughter had her final exams for the classes she took online over the summer.  We had an unexpected trip to the orthodontist for a repair to her brand new permanent retainer, no charge, and then before we knew it the weekend was upon us.

Sunday the girls and I finished up our meal prepping for our trial run, did a load of laundry, a little bit of housework.  No big deal.

Monday and Tuesday are a blur.  We were invited over to our friends for dinner Tuesday night and it was lovely.

Wednesday I found a really good promo code online for cell phone service so I renewed both girls phones for $49, including extra text messaging for the oldest!  The youngest is set until November and the oldest until December.  I have each of us staggered to renew on separate months.  Mine is due in October.

The weather has been about 10° cooler lately.  We've only used the A/C upstairs about an hour a day to cool it off before bedtime.  The rest of the time the house is cool enough until sundown and then we set the box fan at the back door each morning and evening.  It has been very comfortable.  Sunday we got a really good rain so I didn't need to water the lawn again until the end of the week.

I got the car fueled up and saved 10¢ a gallon with my rewards points at the Fred Meyer gas station.

I fired off an Amazon order for things we were low on, including two of my supplements I take.  I started a new supplement plan in June to lower my blood pressure and I can't believe how well it is working.  My blood pressure is now normal for the first time in just over a year.  I found out my magnesium levels were low and adding a supplement twice a day did the trick.  I'm taking a few others too for overall health.  I'm so glad the nurse told me about this option before I filled a prescription (the side effects sounded terrible and I wasn't happy about that).

Thursday I had a coupon for a $19.95 oil change for my car waiting in my inbox from Nissan.  I have found that if I wait until the last minute to schedule my semi annual service they will usually send me an offer, to encourage me, so I wait.  In this case a little procrastination really pays off, ha, ha.  I made my appointment for this week and printed off my coupon.  I also added on an offer to have the car washed, waxed and detailed for $10!  I'm really excited about that.  Oil changes don't necessarily thrill me, but shiny sparkly cars?  Yes, yes, yes!

Friday we enjoyed a family movie night and watched a DVD out of our own collection.  My oldest daughter baked chocolate chip cookies for us to enjoy while we watched.

Our big back-to-school and start stocking up for winter haul

Saturday morning the oldest and I hit the road bright and early to get the grocery shopping done.  We went to two stores Albertson's and Fred Meyer to pick up items that were on sale.  I downloaded a gob of digital coupons to use as well as used several coupons I'd been sent in the mail.  We got quite a bit and a lot of good inexpensive stock up items.

We finished up the food from week one of our Meal Prep plan and the youngest and I got busy working on what we needed to do for week two.  I'm super duper excited to share all the details with you guys next week!  So watch for that post on Wednesday.

I washed out several Ziploc bags to re-use.  And I re-used a few of those bags for our meal prepping.

My friday freebies from the past two weeks

We composted coffee grounds, tea bags, onion skins and banana peels.  We fed stale bread and our kitchen scraps to the hens.

How was your thrifty week?


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