Friday, July 19, 2019

An Upcycled Pillow Project

I have had this project sitting on my sewing table waiting for me since last summer!  A friend gave my girls a boat load of clothes last summer and this velvet top was in that pile.  I grabbed it knowing it would be perfect to make a throw pillow out of.  I'd even gone to Wal-Mart to pick up the travel pillow I wanted to use.  And then it sat.  Some projects just do, I'm afraid.

I trimmed it to size and pinned together with right sides together

I used 1/4" seams and left an opening at one end to stuff the pillow inside

Then I stitched the opening closed and added this vintage
rhinestone button I had in my button jar

Totally crazy too, because I was able to whip this up in no time flat.  It was super quick and easy to make and if you are at all interested in how I did it check out this post I did about four years ago when I turned a couple of my daughter's favorite sweaters into throw pillows for their rooms.

Super cute!  Don't you think?

I don't know why some projects get put on the back burner while others seem to get done right away.  But this one if finally done and I'm super happy with the end results.  One more item off the list!  That feels pretty good.


  1. The rhinestone button is the perfect finishing touch! Beautiful work!

  2. It seems like many times when I've had a project sitting and waiting for a long time that when I finally do it, it takes no time at all and them I'm wondering... what the heck was I waiting for?! ha ha! Love your pillow!


  3. Very cute! I especially like the addition of the button.

    I'm still reading - I'm into 2017 now.

    1. I've always loved that little button. Now I can really enjoy it.

      Wow! You are making great progress. :0)


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