Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Taking A Little Break

I am taking a wee little break for a while.  No worries, I won't be gone long.  There are a few things I need to take care of and then I will be back. In the meantime stay safe, stay healthy and take care.  I'll be back soon. 😃


  1. Take care of yourself, and I look forward to your return!

  2. SO GLAD TO SEE THIS. I was just getting ready to write and urge that you take a day off! We can read through your old posts for a while.
    Please don't feel that you're boring us with little side comments on your girls, the cats, what you think is funny/odd, the weather, etc. You are a whoosh of fresh air, reminding me that there is life beyond elections, Covid-19, etc etc. And I'm grateful for that. Just rattle on in your posts -- and you'll make your readers very happy campers.

    1. P.S. You may laugh at this -- but when I need a break and want to go shopping (but shouldn't, especially to the thrift shop), I just put in 'mall' or 'shop' in the search area, then 'go' with you, instead.

  3. Take care of yourself

  4. I understand, but I'll sure miss your post. You are the very first one I read everyday! :) ~Melinda

  5. Hi there!

    I'll miss you so much but I really understand you needing to take some time and space away from here.

    Take care and I'll look forward to catching up with you as soon as you are ready.


    Heloise XXX

  6. Wishing you the best while you take a break and get things done. Hope you get some rest. See you on the other side :)))

  7. We will certainly miss you but I hope above all you are taking time you need. In the meantime as Cindy Brick said we will enjoy your archives. Take Care!

  8. Thinking about you today - hope all is well - hurry back - we miss you, Mary Ellen

  9. Hope all is well, you are definitely missed. I'm enjoying my coffee and reading some of your old posts until you return. :) Enjoy your well deserved break.


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