Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Look What Claudia Did!

Claudia came up with a really cute little project.  Sweet little trinket boxes made from items most people would toss out.  I would never in a million years thought to do something like this.  I am always amazed at how clever my readers truly are.  I think the lids made from buttons are the best part!  Here is what she has to say:

These were fun to make using a votive candle holder, a salt dip and 2 salt shakers and raiding my button box.

First I found a button to fit the top, then a smaller button to keep the top from sliding off my container.

I then layered more buttons for  various looks and topped the buttons with a shank button to use for a handle.

I connected all the buttons with some string I had on hand.  My friends and I have made several of these as gifts.

After seeing this I have to make one myself.  Very clever Claudia!

Okay, who's next?  Cooking something yummy?  Raising chickens?  Planting a garden?  Made something?  Share with us what great things you are doing!


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