Thursday, May 19, 2016

Under The Kitchen Sink

I was definitely not in love with the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  Ever since I bought this house over twenty one years ago it has bugged the heck out of me.  Dark, dingy and dirty looking.  The wood interior was really difficult to keep clean.  Finally I did something about it.

Simply abysmal

After work a couple weeks ago the girls and I headed off to Home Depot.  I needed a few things for various projects on one of my To Do lists.  While there I picked up a quart of primer, a disposable paint brush and six vinyl self adhesive floor tiles.

Not sure what those two wet looking spots are.
Never could get them to go away no matter how hard I scrubbed.

The oldest and I cleared out the cabinet before I scrubbed it clean with some heavy duty all purpose cleaner.  Once it had dried inside we measured and cut the vinyl tiles to fit inside the cabinet and around the water lines. 

She and I took turns painting the inside of the cabinet with the white primer.  The wood was so old and stained that I figured regular white paint would have a lot of bleed through.  This way the primer would seal up the wood and later, if I wish I can come back and add a coat of white paint.

Can you believe this?!

After the primer dried I peeled off the paper backing and pressed the tiles into place.  Then I sat back and said "Wow!"

Not scary anymore

What a difference this simple little low cost project has made.  It only took about two hours, start to finish, including drying time.  I washed out the plastic bin I keep my cleaning supplies in and then filled it back up before putting everything away in there.

I decided I'll touch up the exposed wood edges
when we refinish the cabinets.

I spent $7.68 for the quart of primer and the six vinyl tiles were only 69¢ each plus 99¢ for the paint brush.  I hardly used any of the primer so I have plenty left to use on future projects of which I am sure there will be plenty

So much better, I can't even tell you.

Now I am in love with the cabinet under my kitchen sink.  Why did I wait so long?  It is bright and clean and it will be so much easier to keep it that way too.  My daughter wants us to do this to the upstairs bathroom cabinet next.  I'm sure we probably will. J 

I'm excited to get started on another kitchen project now!


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