Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Yard Update!

Leading up to our front door.

I was so happy to finally finish the cleanup of our entire yard.  Our backyard was in the very worst condition and the last part to be completed.  Over the long 4th of July weekend I tackled a lot of projects and that Saturday morning I focused my attention to finishing up and getting that backyard done.

Our front door and porch

I cleaned up the rest of the debris, pulled weeds and gave it a good raking.  Then I started with the deck and cleaned it and our patio furniture before moving on with the hose to clean the walkway that leads to our chicken coop and raised garden beds.

Our little pond area
One of my new hostas

I tossed out a set of broken patio tables, organized hoses, tidied up around the compost bin and cleaned up the flower bed that runs along the fence.  I finished up by raking the lawn and got everything put back into its proper place.

Our backyard.  So pretty now!
Tomatoes, cucumbers & strawberries

Peppers & lettuce

Once my tools were put away I stood back and took it all in.  Finally my yard looks the way I hoped it would.  It is so nice now to look out my windows and see it neat and presentable rather than a yucky old mess.  We are now able to thoroughly enjoy our deck and I plan to put it to good use.  Every space has now been give a complete makeover.

I even think my chickens are impressed.


  1. Oh I know that feeling of a messy backyard. When we moved in last year, the yards, front and back, were a mess. I planted grass seed in both to control the mud and weeds. My siblings helped cut down scrub trees and haul junk from the back. This year I carved out a small veggie/herb garden, but the clean up continues. I keep telling myself, baby steps. Hopefully, my yard will look as pretty as yours. Great job in turning it into a park like setting.
    Vanessa B

    1. Thanks Vanessa! It was a job but I'm so happy with the results. It makes me so happy. Now I just have to maintain it and do improvements as time allows. Nice not feeling so much pressure to get it done. Not to mention how much I love to be outside enjoying it. You are right. Baby steps. :)


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