Monday, February 5, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning I finished a super cute and thrifty gift.  I'll be sharing that with you all tomorrow so do not miss it!

I cleared out a bunch of odds and ends from the crisper drawer and put together a nice stir fried veggie dish.

I was literally scraping stuff together to make things for meals and lunches last week.  Fortunately I had plenty of things in the freezer and pantry, but the refrigerator was pretty bare which made it challenging.  Surprisingly I still had a head of lettuce, some coleslaw mix, half a large onion and some celery in the crisper drawer so we weren't completely out of luck.

I did use up quite a bit of odds and ends in the freezer last month as well as frozen fruits and veggies.  I also had canned fruit and veggies in the pantry.  But I really wanted a banana!  Ha, ha.

As I was preparing my list for my next scheduled shopping trip I was really disappointed by the ads.  Not much of what I buy or need was on sale, however, and I'll be sharing my big grocery shop with you on Wednesday, I was able to find some excellent markdown items.

Thursday, while the oldest was at robotics the youngest and I hit up Trader Joes and got some groceries.  I felt so much better after my Trader Joe's fix.  On the way home from picking up the oldest from the engineering lab I stopped at Albertson's and picked up some items they had on sale.

My Friday Freebies from Fred Meyer
(yogurt, popcorn and bottled water)

Friday I downloaded my Friday Freebie from the Fred Meyer website.  I had three freebies loaded onto my card, one was about to expire, and they had sirloin on sale so I stopped on my way home and picked up my freebies.  And a lot more!

I also topped off the gas tank on my sweet little truck on Friday.  It was sitting just under half so it was only $20 to fill her up this time.  Saturday, on the way home from dropping my oldest off to build a robot, I met a friend for coffee and then stopped and filled up the car.  That should be all the fuel I need to purchase this month, I hope.

Helping me write my blog posts

We had a "team dinner" with my work colleagues at Johnny Carino's.  It was a nice time spent away from the office and besides who doesn't love a free meal?  To be honest, I would've rather been at home crafting and hanging out with my girls.  I really enjoy my at home time.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. You always get so much done and sneak in some fun with the girls at the same time!

    I need to get gas in my car too., that's on my list of errands to do today. It's at a quarter of a tank right now after dropping my daughter back to school on Sunday (she is afraid to drive). It's 54 miles each way to her school every weekend and I've really been noticing how often I need to stop to get gas now. It's absolutely worth it though to have her home once a week :)


    1. I'd make that drive for her too. My 17 year old doesn't drive yet. She is nervous about it.


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