Thursday, June 23, 2022

Garden & Compost UpdateI


Our garden is doing pretty well considering our weather hasn't been the most cooperative.  We've had a lot of moisture and cool temperatures with just a few days of warm summer weather.  I'm not complaining one bit as we were looking at drought conditions this year prior to all the moisture we've been getting this past two months.


I have new garden plans in mind for next year

Everything we planted is growing, just slowly and that will have to be okay.  My tomatoes, beans and peas seem to be doing the best.  Radishes too.  The peppers, cucumbers, squashes and pumpkins are all small and not much action there.  I'll happily take what I can get.


New stuff I'm composting now

My compost on the other hand has been amazing.  In six weeks I was able to fill up one side of our bin with various items - flattened cardboard from Amazon, cereal boxes, shredded paper, mulched leaves, bunny manure mixed with wood pellets, coffee grounds, eggs shells, banana peels and other kitchen scraps.  I turned it every few days, added water a couple times when it got dry, Mother Nature watered it quite a bit, and then let it do its thing.  As I've been working on the garden as well as all of my flowerbeds I've been able to haul out buckets of compost and amend the soil.


That is some gorgeous compost!

I've got loads of earthworms in dirt that was hard, dry and compact.  My new plants are flourishing.  Instead of throwing all of that stuff into the landfill I'm able to make beautiful compost and give it back to the earth reaping the benefits of that labor.  I love this so much!


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