Friday, January 11, 2019

Closet Declutter

I decided to tackle my closet and get it all cleaned up and reorganized.  I have the smallest closet in the house so it doesn't take much for it to feel crammed and full.  Fortunately I keep a rather small wardrobe and although I also use it as my gift closet I do seem to have plenty of room.

My donate pile!

Once Christmas is over I find it to be the perfect time to re-evaluate the items I have inside and get things tidied up.  I pulled out all of my clothes and as I hung them back up on the rod I looked at them to determine if I still liked them or if they were too worn to continue to use.

I also did the same thing with the four baskets I keep on the shelves that hold the rest of my clothing and my shoes too.  I ended up filling a nice sized Vanity Fair shopping bag with items to donate.  Along with some clothes I added a set of four pillow shams I had always planned to use in a project, but after 4 years I hadn't so off they went.  I also filled up about half of a grocery bag with items too worn or not appropriate to donate.

Much, much nicer!

I don't have a lot of shoes and I do wear them all so I lined them back up on the floor and called this project completed.  I still have room for a box to collect the items I will use for my daughter's graduation party this spring and another one on top to collect gifts as I get busy and start making new ones to give to my loved ones.  Right now the box holds some napkins and plasticware I found on sale as well as foil pans to serve food in from the dollar store.

One of my 30 bags that will be going to the thrift store

I took my time spent about an hour on this project.  It feels really good to have that big bag of items out of there and ready to take in and donate to the thrift store.


  1. I am usually really on top of the decluttering, but haven't done much in January. I need to go through my closet & get a few things out!

  2. I usually take a bag of donations to drop off right after Christmas too. This year it was just a few things from mine and my daughter's wardrobe. For me, I donated a couple thread-bare cardigans and a scarf that had some wool in it that made me itchy. I don't know why I held on to that scarf so long, I'm done with trying to wear clothing that is uncomfortable!

    I like all the colors in your wardrobe (especially the red), mine is fairly dull, consisting of mostly neutrals.


    1. I have yet to take in my donation bags. It's on my list however.

  3. Great job!!! I did a big closet declutter this summer, and I'm sure I'll do another one this upcoming summer. My wardrobe is changing a little lately due to health needs- I'm having a hard time wearing jeans because of my crummy back, they're not very comfortable- so my husband made me a rack in the laundry room where I can hang my long skirts (tights don't bother me, so I'll be warm!), instead of keeping them in a Rubbermaid container and having to iron every time I want to wear one. So I'll figure out really fast, I'm sure, which sweaters I wear regularly, so that'll be nice. :)

    I have an enormous donation pile that I'll take in once the snow clears up a bit! I don't want to tromp through it to carry stuff to the car, and I don't want to track it in the house, either. Yuck!

    1. I'm getting quite a pile up myself. I'll be so happy to throw it all in the back of the truck and haul it off to the thrift store. Waiting for better weather too so the truck bed is dry and no rain or snow.


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