Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What's In My Kitchen Cupboards?

Do you ever want to peek inside another person's cupboards just to see what lurks inside?  My grandmother told me that ever since I was a small child I always liked to take a peek inside a drawer or a cabinet to see what might be there.  Her junk drawer was my favorite!

Our junk drawer

I personally love all things kitchen so that is pretty much where my fascination ends.  Bathrooms and bedrooms are safe, but a craft room might be a whole other story.  Today I thought I'd share with you what I keep in my kitchen.

Our daily dishes and glassware

I love dishes.  I love all things vintage like glassware and older cooking utensils.  I love the sweet old floral patterns on vintage plates.  And china, oh my goodness, I love old fashioned china!

Towels, potholders & dish cloths

And if you've followed this blog for very long you know I have a wee bit of a passion for vintage Pyrex, especially the pink and aqua blue.  I keep an entire cupboard of the stuff in my dining room as well as some in my kitchen.  And I use it too!  Every day.

Silverware drawer

I don't believe there is any point to having things in your home you don't use and enjoy so even if it is a collection of mine it is a working collection which makes it all the more special.  I feel the same way about my everyday dishes and utensils.

A set of mixing bowls plus our food storage containers and jars

My daily dishware is Frost White Corelle and I keep a service of 8 dinner plates along with bread and salad plates, bowls and a few serving pieces.  I bought 8 of the square lunch plates which we use most often for our meals and find them to be the perfect size.  The dinner plates seem to be too large in my opinion, but I keep them to use as serving pieces and for dinner parties.

Bags, wraps, shower hats too

Freezer containers and lids for my canning jars

My daily silverware is a set of Onieda stainless steel tableware.  It has endured us for many, many years although some of the spoons have gone missing so I added a few inexpensive ones to the mix.

Cooking utensil drawer with measuring cups & spoons

I keep a junk drawer with a few compartmentalized food storage containers inside to help me keep it somewhat organized.  Every few months I go through it and pull things out to put away in their proper place, toss out things I don't need it and then tidy up what remains.

Stuff to bake with

I have a drawer for cooking utensils and another one for plastic wrap, aluminum foil, waxed paper and an assortment of food storage bags and shower hats.  Freezer containers, lids for my canning jars and extra wrap and bags are stored in the bottom drawer.
Stuff to cook with
Above the stove I keep my cupboard for cookbooks on the right and coffee and teas on the left.

Coffees, teas and cookbooks

The cupboard left of the stove holds dried herbs, spices and oils for cooking.  The one above the microwave keeps my baking supplies and spices like cinnamon, ginger, clove, etc., sprinkles, cupcake papers, as well as our sugar bowl and butter dish.

The skinny drawer next to the stove is a good place to keep boxes of gelatin and pudding.  The cabinet below it is a perfect place to store my cutting boards, pizza stones, baking sheets and cooling racks.  It has a center divider to help keep it contained and somewhat organized.

Cutting boards & baking sheets

You've all seen underneath our sink where I keep our cleaning supplies and a bucket lined with a plastic grocery bag for trash.  Ever since I upgraded it under there with a coat of paint and floor tiles it has been a very nice space that is easy to keep clean and tidy.

Under the sink

Appliances and baking pans

So there you have it.  That is a peek inside my kitchen cabinets, just in case you might be curious.  😏


  1. I love this, especially that vintagey butter dish! I have a plain glass one that is a constant mess :)


    1. I love my Pyrex butter dish. It can get messy too sometimes, but I love it too much to replace it. :)

  2. Hold up. Where is the vintage butter dish? I missed it.


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