Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pizza Night

We made a great pizza for supper on Saturday Night and most of it was from leftovers but you never would have known it.  I think the final cost came in at about $1.50 in new ingredients. 

I started out by making a fresh batch of pizza dough, divided it in half and put one dough ball up for later and used one for our pizza.  The sauce was a ½ cup of spaghetti sauce and I used ¾ cup of sausage both siphoned off before making our spaghetti last week.  I love this budget stretcher. 

We also topped it with half a package of pepperoni (50¢) and one cup of grated mozzarella (75¢).  Then we finished it off with chopped onions & peppers and sliced olives leftover from Super Bowl nachos as well as four leftover mushrooms from our salad supplies. 

The girls and I worked together to prepare it which made for a fun time spent in the kitchen.  

It was a delicious meal and certainly healthier and much more affordable than delivery or frozen pizza.

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