Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Baking Box

I have a tote in my pantry that I call my Baking Box.  It holds and organizes all the little things I use to make cookies, granola, cakes and cupcakes, pies, candy, breads, etc. 

If I didn’t have all these items contained then I’m sure I’d have quite a mess on a shelf.  Lots of opened and little packages of stuff all cluttered and messing up my neatly organized pantry.  I couldn’t handle that. 

Some of the items I keep in my baking box include: 

·         Baking chips
·         Baking chocolate
·         Raisins & dried fruit
·         Assorted nuts
·         Powdered sugar
·         Brown sugar
·         Coconut
·         M&Ms – for trail mix and cookies
·         Candy bars – chop them up to put in homemade ice cream or cookies
·         Shortening cubes 

When I am ready to bake it is easy to grab and have all these things available at once.  It also makes it more convenient to take a quick inventory when I am making my shopping list. 

At the holidays it gets pretty full and heavy with items to make all kinds of delicious treats.  Sometimes I can hardly get the lid on it. 

Not only does the bin help me keep everything contained and organized, but I also think it helps to keep these items fresher longer too.  I have really noticed that my brown sugar stays nicer and doesn’t get hard. 

How do you corral your baking essentials?

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