Thursday, May 28, 2015

KIS - Dishes & Glassware

I have enough dishes in here to serve 16 people dinner.

I keep our everyday dishes and glassware pretty simple.  I have a small kitchen and limited cabinet space so there isn't a lot of room to keep a ton dishware.  I literally have one cabinet in my kitchen for storing the majority of our dishes.

I happen to have a real affinity for Corelle and Pyrex.  In fact, I collect vintage Pyrex and I use it too.  For our everyday dishes I decided several years ago to go with the basic frost white Corelle.  I started out buying a box of four place settings - dinner plate, bread plate, bowl and coffee mug.  A few months later I bought a second box so I'd have eight place settings, enough for entertaining.

I've added eight of the square lunch sized plates, a serving platter, a serving bowl and a few other side pieces over the years as I find them on sale.  Corelle is lightweight, durable and stacks together nicely so that I can store a lot of dishes in a small space.

You can get these on Amazon too.

Our everyday glassware is pretty basic and simple as well.  Eight drinking glasses, eight wine glasses and eight beer glasses.  I bought them all at the dollar store in batches.  They are all restaurant quality and I like that they are a thicker, more durable glass.  Our beer glasses pull double duty for floats, Italian sodas and milkshakes too.

A glass rack under our cabinet stores our wine glasses and I keep the beer glasses on a shelf in the dining room.  I also keep a few acrylic and plastic tumblers handy for picnics and outdoor use.

All of my colorful cloth napkins never clash.

I really like that I can change up our table settings with different colored placemats, tablecloths and cloth napkins using our plain dishes.  They also work well with our special dishes we brought back from China and the colored Corelle and Pyrex pieces I've collected.  I virtually have not limits when it comes to setting a decorative table.

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