Monday, May 11, 2015

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I took the large candle jar I had cleaned out and turned it into my new button jar.  I dumped all the buttons out of it from the plastic applesauce jar I'd been using and added it to our recycle bin.  The new jar has a much nicer look.

I made my daughters a hearty Sunday breakfast basically out of leftovers.  I used up all of our stale bread (sorry chickies), slicing it up and making French toast.  I sprinkled each piece with a little cinnamon sugar leftover from snickerdoodles I had made.  I also made them scrambled eggs with some of the diced leftover Easter ham I have in a bag in the freezer and a little leftover grated cheddar.

I printed off a dozen online coupons.  The girls walked up to the corner gas station and bought me a Sunday paper so I could have the ads and coupons in it.  I clipped several more coupons which more than covered the cost of the paper and definitely made it a worthy investment.

I made two small loaves of honey oat bread.  Delicious!

I listed 8 pair of new eyeglass frames for sale on eBay using a free listings offer.  I have so much inventory to get rid of.  I hope they sell.  I also renewed my Craigslist listings.

I washed and dried several Ziploc bags to reuse.

I fed our kitchen scraps to the chickens after preparing a veggie tray and making a couple salads.  I composted coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and some broccoli stalk and celery trimmings.

I added water to rinse out our dish soap bottle which provided me with enough soapy dish water for two days.

I had thirty minutes to kill before my hair appointment so I popped into a thrift store along the way to see if they had a chair I wanted to fix up for my front porch.  Low and behold they had exactly what I wanted and it was only $7.99.  Now I have yet another project to do and I couldn't be happier.

I bottled my latest batch of home brew.  Fifteen of the 16oz. bottles and a two liter growler.

I made a pint of homemade 1000 Island salad dressing.

A co-worker gave me a coupon for $5 OFF $25 Purchase at Albertsons.  Yaay!  And thank you!

A friend saved me a couple egg cartons for when our chickies start laying.  I added them to the stack I've been saving so far this year.  I've got quite a few saved already.

I made my own brown sugar by combining a cup of granulated sugar with a tablespoon of molasses.  I will be doing this more often instead of buying it I think.

I saved a stamp by stopping on the way to play Bunco and dropping the water bill into their drop box.

We were also blessed with two days of good rain last week which allowed me to get by with light hand watering.  Any chance to save on the water bill is always appreciated.

How thrifty were you last week?


  1. Ha,ha I had to chuckle when I read this post about your chair. I went to a garage sale this weekend and found a wicker chair for $5.00 and perfect for my porch. Granted it needs to be cleaned up, spray painted and a new cushion. However, I have 2 cans of left over white spray paint, a block of foam for the cushion (from the Goodwill store), and some amazing fabric in my stash for the seat cover. My front porch will look so inviting with this cute wicker chair and the hanging flower baskets I got on sale. Now if I only had the time to sit on the porch and enjoy it.
    Thanks for sharing your Thrifty Moves with us.
    Vanessa B

    1. That chair of yours sounds darling! I hope you get a chance to get it done and use it. Sounds perfect for your sweet little cottage. :)

  2. You had a super week! Your Sunday breakfast sounds really good.
    Is that what brown sugar actually is- white sugar with molasses? I didn't know that. That is very clever to just make it yourself. I like your new button jar! :)

    1. Yes, brown sugar is granulated sugar with molasses added. Who knew, right? Now I don't have to stock another item in my pantry and I don't have to worry about it getting hard either. The button jar is kind of cute, huh? ;)

  3. I love button jars. I actually have two. Speaking of chairs, I was going to my shop one morning and found two bent wood chairs laying in a ditch. One had the round wood seat missing and the other one was cracked. They both are a little skinned up. I am having my husband cut two new round seats out of plywood and then I will sand the chairs and paint them with spray paint I have left over from another project. Before I put the seats back on, I will cover them with some fun fabrics I have. Two cute chairs for little or no money at all. I really love scores like that.
    Paula in Kansas

    1. Lucky find! Send me a pic when you get them done. I'd love to see them. Amazing what we can do for a song, isn't it? Creativity goes a long, long way.

  4. The breakfast sounds nice, especially being able to throw leftovers together I to something new and yummy. My week wasn't too thrifty. Watched some Hulu, borrowed some books at the library, hung laundry out to dry. I did sell my old mini fridge so I made a little bit of money.

    1. Sounds pretty thrifty to me Jess. Good job on selling your fridge!

  5. The candle jar made a pretty attractive button jar. Nice re-use of materials. Don't you love snagging a bargain chair! I am always amazed at what some people get rid of.

    1. Yes I do. It isn't really pretty right now but it will be! :)


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