Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Weather Update

Thankfully the freezing rain everyone was so worried about didn't happen.  It warmed up, rained and melted away about half of the snow which did lead to some significant flooding, but not in our neighborhood.  We all managed to clear the gutters and storm drains and keep the water flowing in the right direction.

Thank you soldier!

The county and the National Guard have been working hard to clear the streets.  They made it to our neighborhood, but did not come down our cul de sac.  It pretty much looked like the school bus routes were the priority.  We have pretty much one lane in and out of our subdivision.

Classroom picture courtesy of Idaho Statesman

Schools were closed a record number of days.  They went back last Wednesday, but closed on Thursday when they realized they hadn't cleaned up enough and it was hazardous for students.  They spent the day, even asking for volunteers to clean parking lots and clear walkways.  A few schools have seen some damage from frozen pipes and flooding.  It has been pretty crazy.

Courtesy of Idaho Statesman

A nearby apartment complex lost it cover parking area.  Unfortunately it collapsed at night when it was full of cars.  Fortunately it collapsed at night and no one was hurt.  The city has condemned that structure needless to say.  Carports around the valley have taken a big hit as well.

Weiser, Idaho bowling alley courtesy Channel 2 News

Weiser, Idaho lost its bowling alley and Parma, Idaho lost a warehouse when the roofs caved in under the heavy weight of the snow.  Several of our Walmarts closed until they got crews up there to remove the snow from their rooftops.

What I have noticed quite a bit is that people, for the most part, seem to be taking it all in stride.  Helping people when they get stuck, watching out for fellow motorists who need to cruise through a stop sign, and taking their time when driving.  Neighbors are helping the elderly with snow shoveling and friends are helping each other.  If nothing else, this winter has seemed to make people come together as a community.

I am grateful for all of the employees who made it to work at gas stations, grocery stores, hospitals and clinics.  To the firefighters and police officers who did their best to help people and respond to 911 calls.  I feel for my neighbor who works for a towing company and has worked round the clock to get people unstuck and pick up stalled vehicles.  And for our county transportation department that has worked so hard to keep the roads open and safe.

And as I wrote this, it was snowing.  Big fat flakes.


  1. It did not warm up here yesterday like they said it would I about cried. Hopefully today? You can't control the weather.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too. Hang in there. Spring is coming! :)

  2. We get snow most winters and it's melted and gone (at least off the roads) by noon. Not this year - Snow that never goes away and keeps coming, rain, freezing rain, ice, hail you name it and we've had it in the last 3 weeks. We are tired of winter here in Nevada. A few years ago we had wet heavy snow and lost a lot of covered parking at apartment buildings. My son worked at Home Depot and a snow shovel couldn't be found in this whole town. Roofs were caving in from the snow weight. What a mess. Sorry your area has gone through so much this year. Our kids are loving it with no school most of the time. Parents are stressing about what to do with them when the parents have to work. Our city has done better at clearing roads and sanding then they have in the past but we had flooding down town and in the industrial areas. Still sandbagged there and expecting more. Don't think we'll be saying it's a drought this year. Take care and stay warm and safe.

    1. Wow Crystal. Sounds like you are having every bit as rough a winter as we are. They are expecting up to another 10 inches by the end of the week. I hope they are wrong about that. Yikes. You stay warm and safe too! ;)


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