Monday, December 18, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Last week went by so dang fast it was kind of crazy!

I mailed out a Christmas package using priority mail.  I did the label online and even had it picked up from our door for free.  That saved me a trip to the post office and standing in a long line.

I worked on some craft projects using supplies I already had on hand.

I purchased some recycled ink cartridges for our old printer and they work fabulously.  I'm super excited about that.  They were only $15.99 for both a color and a large capacity black cartridge, which is a really great price too.

I trimmed some greenery from our front yard to use to decorate our mantel.

I baked a nice loaf of homemade bread.  It has been awhile since I've baked bread.  Boy was it good!

I hosted a Christmas luncheon for my friends on Saturday.  I made the entire meal out of items I already had on hand in our pantry refrigerator and freezer.

We wrapped Christmas gifts using supplies we already had in our stash.

I used money from my emergency fund to pay for some unexpected medical expenses.  I'm sure glad I have that emergency fund to use when it is needed.

I had quite a bit of extra produce last week so the chickens got some "salads" to enjoy along with their regular feed.

I made and added new calendar pages to my day planner.  I washed the cover beforehand so it is all ready to finish out the year and begin a new one.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Looks like a great week! I mostly maximized hotel/airline points from my recent work trip, yielding $175 in Amazon gift cards, a free night for a future use at the Marriott, a $40 visa credit, & 10,000 Southwest points. Other than that, just the basics of: line drying most of our laundry, cooking every meal at home (save for free meals at work), etc.

  2. I like your Christmas decorations. Don't you love being able to walk outside and grab some greenery or flowers to bring inside? Sometimes I forget I can do that but when I do it feels so luxurious, especially when it's fresh cut flowers.


    1. I agree. Something like that just makes it that much more!

  3. Is that an old ornament front and center? I have been busy having the flu. It is thrifty if rough.

    1. Yes! They belonged to my grandparents. I love them. So sorry to hear you have been sick. Take care and Merry Christmas!


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