Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

The final week leading up to Christmas was another busy one for us.  But now they are on break and I get to slow down for a little bit and catch my breath.

I finished wrapping up all of my Christmas gifts, again using supplies I already had on hand.

Chicken & rice soup

I put a chicken carcass into my slow cooker with onion, celery and carrots.  Filled it up with water and made broth.  I used the broth to make two different soups last week.

I cleaned and reorganized the pantry, sending a lot of packaging to the recycle bin.  I filled up half gallon and quart sized canning jars with cereals, pasta, beans, rice, chow mien noodles and nuts.

I put all of our open cereals into mason jars

Rice, beans and pastas

On the way home from a doctor appointment I stopped at the thrift store and dropped off three bags of donations and the big old microwave I took out of the motorhome.  They were happy to get that and I am happy to have it out of my garage.

$50 Winco haul!

My oldest had a robotics meeting Wednesday evening so while she did that we went and got our big grocery shop done for the month.  Hoping I don't have to go to the store again for the remainder of the year!

Goodies from Trader Joe's

We made all of our Christmas goodies out of items we already had on hand.  I've been gradually collecting stuff since October to minimize the impact to our grocery budget.  Everything I bought was on sale and a lot of it I also had coupons for too which made for a gob of extra savings.

Peppermint Bark & English Butter Toffee

Friday afternoon I clocked out and left work.  I was very happy to be heading straight home with nowhere I needed to be!  Shortly after dinner it began to snow and by the time I got up Saturday morning we had a good three inches and it was still coming down.  Again, with nowhere we needed to be it sounded like a good day to hunker down and enjoy the snowfall.

Looks like a white Christmas to me!
Leonard was on the porch yelling at me to let him in

I spent the majority of the day relaxing and working on a few projects I've got going and made some wonderful progress.  I'm super excited about them and will be sharing what I've been up to with all of you after the New Year.

Here is a sneak peak at one of the projects I've been working on

We baked cookies, or rather the girls did.  They made yummy gingersnaps.  I made two homemade pizzas for our supper and they were delicious!

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I am intrigued by the 3 ring binder project-looks like some sort of an organizing system under works

  2. Whoa--I cannot believe the size of your Winco haul! Amazing!

    Pantry cleanup is also on my list. Mine is too deep and stuff gets "lost" in back, especially on the lowest shelf where you must practically lie down on the floor to get at anything. I pulled out a bottle of dark Karo syrup that expired back in 2011. I am SO embarrassed.

    I would really like to convert the stationery shelves to pullouts. Ah, another project to add to the pile for 2018! :^)

    1. Pantry can be an abyss of lost food sometimes. Freezers too!

  3. Wow, you are just inspiring... how on earth do you only do "big grocery shopping" once a month?? I am doing this all wrong I can see because I have to go every week and there's only ONE of me!!

    Can't wait to see your project!


    1. Oh, Tania. LOL. I'm not that amazing. I was just extra lazy this month! ;)

  4. Having had the flu and trying to recover, I suppose it was a thrifty week. Now, I still have ham from the weekend before and turkey breast from this holiday. Most of that is frozen. I like food put into canning jars, but it scares me around children. It certainly keeps food fresh longer.

  5. Dear Thrifty Mom Would you share your recipes for peppermint bark and english butter toffee

  6. You did well my friend! I can't believe the amount of groceries you got for just $50 at Winco. A single bag of groceries from there cost me $43 last week! I was in shock!

    1. Oh Lord! Well, I didn't buy any meat so that is probably why.


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