Friday, December 8, 2017

Laverne Gets An Early Christmas Present

I had been missing my girl something awful.  It had been mid October since I'd last climbed into my motorhome and I was really feeling that sense of longing and separation.  I needed to visit Laverne.

One of the items on my list for her was an additional heat source.  Along with her standard issue Suburban propane furnace I wanted her to have an electric option.  I have a portable radiant wall unit in the house that works really well.  It comes with a stand on casters or you can mount it directly on the wall.  We used it in our travel trailer, but it isn't all that aesthetically pleasing if you get my drift.  What Laverne really needed was a fireplace.

And she got one.

This little unit is a bookshelf fireplace and it is designed to safely heat small spaces such as bedrooms or dens.  Or in this case, a gorgeous vintage motorhome.  And I had the perfect place to set it up too.  Right above the gas furnace is a countertop with an outlet.  It was preordained.

The morning I set it up it was a whopping 33° outside.  Within the first 15 minutes the motorhome was already 10° warmer and after an hour it was 55° inside.  Still chilly, but impressive nonetheless.

I made a pot of tea and grabbed the afghan from the sofa and was plenty toasty while the thermometer continued to climb.  Especially after I realized I had it set on low and subsequently switched it to high.  We were really cooking then.

Not only did it heat things up nicely it is really pretty.  And the view from the sofa is quite nice, I must say.

It isn't a unit I'd want to rely on in northern climates, but down south where I am planning to winter I think it would work great.  It would certainly enhance a primary heat source regardless of where you were at.  I found this particular one at Bed Bath & Beyond and it was highly rated by the consumers that had purchased it.  Along with the 20% Off coupon they had sent me in the mail it was a pretty good bargain at $44, I thought.

So this is my Christmas present to Laverne.  She thinks it is pretty sweet.  So do I!



  1. Laverne looks so inviting and even cozier with her new fireplace! I'm sure she loves her Christmas present almost as much as she loves being part of your family!

  2. Oh, yah, that would put me to sleep in no time! Nice!

    1. Pretty mesmerizing watching those flames. :)

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    Thank for your very good article...!

  4. That looks warm and cozy. I need one of those.


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