Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Meals We Prepped #13

This week was hectic to say the least so I was really happy to have a plan and some meal prepping done ahead.

Sunday morning I took meat out of the freezer to thaw.  I put stew meat in the microwave to thaw for a bit then put it in my medium sized slow cooker with a cup of water and a bullion packet, a chopped onion and some celery to begin cooking.  Later that afternoon I added carrots, potatoes, beef broth I'd taken out of the freezer to thaw, chopped garlic, a couple bay leaves and a packet of brown gravy stirred into a cup of water.  Once the potatoes and carrots had cooked I added part of a bag of peas and made a salad.  Dinner was served.

Sunday - Beef stew and a garden salad

Monday - Leftover Minestrone soup from Saturday

Tuesday - I put ribs in the slow cooker on low.  My daughter added BBQ sauce when she got home from school.  We served that with instant Idahoan mashed potatoes, baked beans and sautéed green beans.

Wednesday - Leftover beef stew

Thursday - Leftover ribs and baked beans

Friday - My youngest begged to make the pasta with the chipotle peppers again.  It didn't really take much to convince me.

Saturday - It was our annual Horse Doover Nite, the night we make all kinds of snacks and put up our Christmas tree.  We enjoyed chips & salsa, shrimp dip with crackers, sliced cheese with summer sausage and sausages in barbeque sauce.  The girls made dipped pretzels too.  It was very nice.  So nice, we forgot to take any pictures. 😏

We definitely didn't stick with the original menu plan, but it still worked out just fine.  Having lots of leftovers to reheat sure did make things easier.


  1. YOur menu and your food all sounds and looks so good. I love your menu for decorating the tree night too. How fun!

    1. We always look forward to that each year. LOL

  2. I really appreciate being able to put frozen or mostly frozen meat in the crock pot. I also like that you have more than one vegetable with meals as it seems more balanced and healthy.


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