Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Back To Meal Prepping

Many of you may be wondering if I went back to meal prepping after the girls started back to school.  That would be a Yes!  I sure did.  I didn't have a full week of activities, but I did have enough that meal planning helped out a ton.  It also freed me up so that I was able to do quite a few crafting projects during the week instead of having to wait until the weekend.  Yay!

Last Sunday morning I put black beans on to cook in my slow cooker and ended up putting three containers into the freezer for future use and one in the refrigerator for tacos.  The oldest and I put together a delicious pan of lasagna.  I also baked a loaf of frenchbread and we made a large salad.  We enjoyed that for our supper that night and then again on Tuesday.  We also had enough leftovers for our lunch twice.

Monday the girls browned up a pound of ground beef with taco seasoning and added a container of the black beans I had cooked on Sunday.  We chopped up some Romaine lettuce, tomato and warmed up flour tortillas.  There was enough taco filling left for our lunch the next day.

Tuesday I took a pot roast out to thaw and Wednesday morning I put it in the slow cooker to cook while we were at work.   I simply sprinkled both sides of the roast with a packet of Au Jus gravy mix.  When I got home the house smelled amazing.  I added carrots and potatoes and allowed everything to cook for an hour longer..  Then I made gravy with the drippings and we enjoyed a wonderful meal with plenty of leftovers for several more meals.

Thursday we had a full evening so I made a quick meal of onion and bell pepper omelets with toasted leftover frenchbread and fruit.

Friday I used some of the leftover pot roast, some Monterey Jack cheese leftover from making the lasagna, some of the leftover bell pepper and onion, and hoagie rolls I had in the freezer to make Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches.  All from leftovers and all very scrumptious!

Saturday it was just two us as my youngest was at a sleepover.  My oldest made up macaroni & cheese in the microwave from a recipe she found online for college students.  It was amazingly good.  We also finished up some leftover salad to round it all out.

Sunday I baked a devils food cake from scratch that kept us in dessert all week long.  I was surprised it lasted that long and stayed fresh, but it did.  It was a really good cake.  I'll have to make another one and share the recipe.

Our Sunday brunch, using up leftovers and making homemade syrup

Not overly labor intensive to put together a week's worth of delicious and healthy meals.  Plenty of variety too so we didn't really feel like we were eating as many leftovers as we ended up with.


  1. Looking forward to the devils food cake recipe. It's my husbands favorite.

  2. Please do share the recipe for the Devil's food cake.
    The food's you prepped look and sound really good. I should be doing that, but I am not and there is no reason I am not doing it.

    1. It's okay. It'll be good if you just bake the cake. :0)

  3. That all looks so good! I am trying really hard to not let food go to waste here and be better about meal planning.

    1. You really have to stay on top of it all the time, don't you? It would probably be better if I didn't love to eat so much. Ha, ha.


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