Monday, January 29, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

This week was consistently busy but completely manageable.  I started off with a quiet Sunday, a hot cup of coffee, a load of laundry washed, folded and put away, vacuumed the entire downstairs of our house and did a little crafting and writing.  Later I watched a movie with my girls, made a cheesecake and put a pot of Taco Soup on the stove and a pan of cornbread in the oven.  A perfect ending to our lovely weekend.

Monday I dropped my oldest off to build a robot and then I sat at the library until she was ready to be picked up.  I watched a few Youtube videos which have inspired me to try some new things later on down the road. 

I trimmed both girl's hair last week

My oldest and I experimented with making our own iced coffee drinks at home using leftover coffee and some other things we had in the refrigerator.  They turned out pretty good and were a much better price than one from Starbucks or Dutch Bros.

Tuesday and Wednesday was all about cheerleading and Thursday and Saturday we were back to robots.  I ended up back at the library again on Thursday and did some writing and editing.

Turkey burgers and tater tots - Yum!
After two weeks of no grocery shopping we are out of fresh fruit, but have plenty of canned and frozen.  Our crisper drawer is getting thin but we still have some fresh lettuce, cabbage, carrots, celery, an onion and some bell pepper.  The milk is almost gone, but we have plenty of almond milk in our supply so we are good there.  I think we're going to make it to February just fine.

I went on eBay and found crafting papers in Christmas designs that a seller was offering in a lot.  I know I have a two foot stack of paper to use but only three sheets of it are Christmas themed.  I don't think I went off the rails or anything with this purchase which was $19.50 including priority mail shipping.  I put it on my PayPal account and will actually pay it off next month when I get paid.

I got his lot of Christmas papers on eBay.  Very pretty!

I did a couple more paper crafting projects using up scraps.

I embellished some pretty note cards I had made several years ago to send out as Valentines.

I dropped both girls off Friday evening for the high school basketball game and went to a nearby Burger King to wait for them, do some writing on my laptop and enjoy a coffee and a couple of their chocolate chip cookies ($2.75)  If you want to know about my visit to Burger King that evening head over to my facebook page for that article.

I added glittery hearts to these two note cards I already had to make Valentines

I used a coupon and treated the girls to pizza delivery ($22) one night and another coupon for breakfast ($8.50) at McDonalds Saturday morning.  That is all the dining out we have done so far this month.  I usually budget $50 a month for dining out and entertainment and with the movie tickets ($6.50) we are right on track.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I'm enjoying them a lot and they are staying really nice.

  2. I saw your facebook post about Burger King... so sad and disrespectful of those workers! Yay on the Christmas papers... have fun!

  3. Oh how I remember those busy days when the kids were in school. You bring back memories.

  4. Those are very pretty papers. You will enjoy them so much I am sure.

    We have been trying to use up things we have both in kitchen and crafty pursuits. I was thrilled that I used up two different fabrics when I cut out a quilt this past week. Now that did generate scraps which went into my scrap bin but I am glad that two are used up!! A fellow quilter has a goal of using up 100 different pieces from her stash in 2018 - I don't have such a lofty goal. For one thing I have never counted my fabric - I just can't do it! But I do hope to make good progress. I save my selvages in a shoe box and looked at them this weekend thinking some of them would make cute embellishments on your tags. hummmm....

    1. Good for you! There is so much I want to do and just not enough hours (sigh). Oh well, I'm glad I get to do what I do. :) Happy Quilting!

  5. my best thrifty move last week was making do instead of moving some things around I didn't need to buy the organizing containers I had my eye on...

  6. I'm so sorry you experienced that at Burger King. Some people have no concept of compassion. I would have done the same thing you did (I really hope I would anyway). I used to ignore or try to avoid situations like that when I was younger, but now I stand up and speak out. I'm proud of you and you have my utmost respect.

    To counter your horrible experience, I want to share with you something I witnessed recently. I was at a stop light in my car where I saw a very well dressed young man in a suit offer to help a blind woman cross the street. I think she was homeless. He held her arm gently as they crossed and then he continued on his way. I almost cried it made me so happy.


    1. That is so neat! Thank you for telling me about it. I know there is more compassion than hate. Thank goodness.

  7. Great score on the paper. Enjoy and have fun! Janie

  8. I too, will share something heartwarming I viewed this past week. As I drove down a deserted country highway, I passed a parked car with an elderly lady standing beside it. Her car was jacked up and a patrolman was changing her tire. Car maintenance was surely not in his job description.

    It gave me hope for the future.

    Jeannie @


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