Monday, January 15, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

In keeping with my goals for 2018, Sunday was a Pajama Day.  We stayed in our jammies and new fuzzy socks and kept it pretty low key.

To start off that morning I made french toast for brunch using a half loaf of homemade bread that was a little stale, leftover eggnog from Christmas as well as a couple eggs and some milk.  I made a batch of pancake syrup with sugar and brown sugar leftover from Christmas baking and a little Mapleine flavoring.  It was not only thrifty but it was absolutely delicious!

We gathered up our winter coats, hats and gloves, ran them through the wash, then hung them all up to dry.

Crafting with cake & coffee

For Sunday dinner I made a big pan of lasagna, a loaf of homemade frenchbread and a devils food cake with vanilla frosting all from scratch.  Yum!

Monday my oldest had robotics from 5:30 to 8:30 at the campus and my youngest needed to go to the library.  Rather than do a lot of running back and forth and to save on fuel I took my laptop and she took her homework and we stayed at the library and worked until it was time for robotics to end.  I watched a couple how to videos on Youtube too.

That is A LOT of craft supplies - too many!

Tuesday and Wednesday we didn't have any activities or errands which was very nice.  I came home and worked on craft projects each evening and was really happy to get a lot done and enjoy myself doing it.  I've got a jumpstart on Valentine's Day as well as Christmas and some birthdays.

Thursday my oldest had a band concert which made for a nice no cost family outing for us.  I just love their concerts.

Yes, I'm making another one!  Super excited about this one too!

Friday my oldest had a basketball game at school to play at (she is in pep band).  I dropped her off and then went to Walmart (by myself - yay!) as it is fairly close by so I could pick up a mini binder to use to make another journal.  I also took some time to check out their craft section and scrapbooking supplies.  I managed to make my little shopping trip last long enough until it was time to pick her up so I didn't have to run back and forth from the house to the high school saving on time and fuel.

Saturday I spent another morning paper crafting and then that afternoon I got busy and organized ALL of our craft supplies.  I found an empty shoe box size bin in the garage to reuse and put all of my scraps of paper in it to corral the growing pile.

The youngest had a sleepover with friends so the oldest decided to try a recipe she found online for microwave macaroni and cheese for college students for our supper.  It was actually pretty good and very thrifty.  I'll have to ask her to share it with us and I'll get it posted.

In the spirit of downsizing and decluttering I closed an account to one of my credit cards I haven't used in years.  One less thing to have to keep track of and worry about.

Much better!  Still too much stuff!

I also took two of our old computers into work and added them to the pile of old hardware we have set aside for recycling.  One was 20 years old and the other one was 15 years old (the young guys in my departments got a good laugh at them).  It feels really nice to no longer have those old computers sitting in our garage anymore.

Other than my trip to Walmart I didn't do any other shopping.

I made up a batch of foaming soap liquid to refill a soap dispenser by stirring two tablespoons of shower gel into a cup of warm water.

I added orange peels, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and a banana peel to our compost bin.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. LOL on the old computers! They would probably laugh at mine, too. I really really really need to upgrade to a newer one. I just don't like the learning process of operating a new computer, when I'm so comfortable with my old one! That french toast and syrup looks delicious!!!

    1. I know what you mean. I'm looking at upgrading to Windows 10 and I'm totally pouting about it.

  2. You know how your eyes and your brain don't read the same thing at the same time always? I read that you put shower gel and water to make foaming soap then added banana peels, coffee grounds and egg shells. Glad I reread before I tried it!

    1. I laughed so hard when I read this! OMGosh! You made my day. :0)

    2. I thought the same thing for a second... "Whoa, that's a new 'natural scrub' I've never heard about!" Then read it again...

    3. Yeah, still not going to try it! LOL

  3. I love plastic shoeboxes. I am reusing some I had years ago for thread. I have not been in stores much, so that helps with the thrifty part. Lately, I have been picking at stuff, putting things in the correct boxes--sewing stuff, Valentine things, Christmas, etc. I will buy one craft item at a time and don't always put it where it goes. So, this decluttering is not a matter of elimination of items, just putting clutter into shoeboxes.

    1. Sometimes it is just as simple as putting things away right? Have a great day!

  4. You did well and made the most of your time. :) I kind of miss those days of going to my kids activities like watching the twins play baseball, the band performances (all 3 of my kids were in a Praise and Worship band) and just enjoying spending a quiet day at home with them too. Treasure these times...they go so quickly!

    1. I will Debbie. I'm all too aware of how quickly our time is passing. I'm really trying to focus this year on family time even if it is just a pajama day.

  5. Pajama day - yay! Nice and comfy!

    It's nice being able to shop by myself sometimes too (like your Walmart trip). Don't get me wrong, we love our children dearly but moms also need our alone time too, right? :)


    1. Yes we do! We've earned it and it was nice to shop and concentrate without distractions.


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