Monday, July 29, 2019

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning the oldest and I loaded up her car with all of the stuff she purged from her room the prior three days and it was a lot!  I was very proud of her for all that she was able to get rid of.  I added a bag of miscellaneous items as well as our toaster oven, one of our bread machines and my designer suit.  Hadn't worn it in over five years so obviously that suit wasn't a key piece to my wardrobe.  Then we hauled it all over to the thrift store and donated everything.  We both agreed it felt really good to have all of that stuff out of our house.

Shopping for next month already!

After our quick trip to the thrift store we headed off to Wal-Mart as she needed to pick up a gift item.  I took advantage of that and picked up quite a few  grocery items on my shopping list which allowed me to get a jumpstart on my August groceries.  I had some extra $$ and looking ahead at our schedule decided it might be a really good idea to get this out of the way early.

Salmon fillets & burger patties for the freezer

We went home and put away groceries and spent a good deal of time sorting, organizing and packing up my daughter's things for college and storage.  There was a little bit of emotion as we worked and she realized her room would be no longer.  It made me a little sad for her as well, but she knows she will always have a place here no matter what.

We got a good jumpstart on August shopping and stocking up the freezer!

Later in the afternoon all three of us girls headed over to Winco and picked up the last items on my grocery list.  The two trips to the store amounted to quite a big grocery haul and now I not only have a good start on restocking the chest freezer but also my pantry is looking much better too.

I sorted & reorganized our plastic food storage containers
These are ready for packing school lunches

Monday my daughter left for a two week trip to the Oregon coast with her boyfriend and his family and wasn't able to finish up in her bedroom.  After work I spent a couple hours working upstairs doing more sorting, organizing and packing in her room.  I took all of her bedding and pillows downstairs to the laundry room and started washing everything.  The mattress cover and pillows got washed with bleach and then dried in the dryer.  I washed her comforter, throw blankets and sheets after that in two additional loads.  She has acquired a lot of throw blankets and of course she loves them all.

Oh my goodness gracious what a job this was!!

Tuesday was another evening spent upstairs getting the last of her things packed up.  I decided while I was at it to take her bed apart and moved it out of there as well.  The whole room could use a good cleaning and some love.

The clothes she is taking relocated to the laundry room

Wednesday was our day to set out trash and recycling for curb pick up.  We set out a very full trash bin as well as a very full recycling bin that day.  I was very happy to see all of that crap go!

Temporary holding area in the upstairs hallway
I hate it! 😓

Both Wednesday and Thursday was spent working upstairs for a couple hours each night after work.  Friday, however was a different story.  I only worked a few hours and took the rest of the day off to spend some fun time with my youngest.  She and I drove over to the Canyon County Fair and we had a really good time.  It was Family Day so we were able to get wristbands for unlimited rides at $15 each.  We did some rides, watched a couple shows and indulged in a little fair food.  Then off to see the exhibits before calling it a day and heading for home.

Saturday morning we were up to get some errands run ahead of the summer heat.  We did a little bit of school clothes shopping at the Outlet Mall.  I had received a $5 coupon in the mail to the Vanity Fair store so we were able to use that on some new bras for my youngest.  We also found her a cute pair of jeans she liked on clearance for $12.97!  Yay!

Next we took a truck load of crap to the dump and on the way home we picked up some supplies at Lowes for an upcoming project that I may have started last week.  I know you will be as excited to hear about this particular project as I am to do it!  This one has been a long time coming.  Too long!

Some of the 15 Minute Chores I accomplished to keep my home in order:

Laundry Room & Half Bathroom - cleaned sink & counter.  Daily swish & swipe.

Dining Room - vacuumed floor.

Kitchen -  vacuumed floor, cleaned microwave, scrubbed & bleached the kitchen sink.

Bedrooms & Main Bathroom - vacuumed & dusted.  And packed, packed, packed one of them!.  Daily swish & swipe.

Other - five loads of laundry, vacuumed living room, hallway & entry.  Swept front porch.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I dont understand why you are packing up your daughters room and taking her bed apart. She has not even left for college yet. Will she not be coming home to visit or on holidays? It seems to be a custom of Western culture that you get rid of your children as soon as they go to college. I am very disapointed in this practice.

    1. Oh my goodness, this is hardly the case at all. All will be revealed soon. No one is getting kicked to the curb, I promise! :0)

  2. Another busy week! I'm sure there are mixed emotions as your oldest heads off to college. As a mom you spend a lot of time preparing them for when they leave home but don't do such a good job of preparing yourself.

    1. I'm so excited for her and I know it will be a big adjustment here at home. Fortunately we'll see her on weekends and holidays so I can ease into it. :)

  3. I've been selling things on eBay (decluttering & earning a little money), getting our house in shape, working on projects here, & avoiding unnecessary spending. We hosted a big pool party yesterday, and it was nice to use the pool & entertain (rare for us). We kept costs down by making food & others pitched in with sides.

    1. That sounds wonderful, especially the party. I need to get some things listed on eBay. All in due time. LOL

  4. Great job!! Is your daughter taking her bed too? What are you planning to do with her bedroom now? I'm sure there were mixed emotions during all that packing up!

    1. I'm sure it will really hit me the day I help her move into the dorm. I've been completely focused on the immediate task at hand. As far as her bed goes it is staying and I'll be revealing our plans soon enough. Hang tight, that post is coming soon. ;)

  5. Can't wait to see what is happening! I was worried that you thought she would never be back!


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