Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Cards

To send or not to send?  That is the question I hear most often.  Along with… 

“Postage is so expensive.”

“I don’t have time.”

“Hardly anyone sends me a card.” 

Sending Christmas cards is fast becoming a lost art, just like letter writing, film photography and vinyl records. 

I choose to send out Christmas cards every year.  Compared to a lot of other things postage isn’t really that expensive.  Consider how much you spend on your smart phone service or internet and then compare that to a cute little book of Christmas stamps – bargain! 

It isn’t about the cards you get.  It is all about the cards you send.  Spreading joy and adding a little sparkle to someone’s day.  Most importantly, you are letting someone know you care. 

If I’m short on cash I can always make my cards. Christmas cards can be as expensive or inexpensive as you wish.  You can find inexpensive cards at dollar stores and they are really nice ones too, usually last year’s run. 

Thrift stores and garage sales are another resource.  A lot of people donate their leftovers along with their old sweaters and, more often than not, they will turn up in the “FREE” bin at a yard sale.  Look for them throughout the year and you’ll be ready for next Christmas. 

Cards can be made of fancy paper with sparkly glitter trim and professionally engraved with your name or they can be made out of your kid’s construction paper.  Either way, a perfectly acceptable greeting. 

Don’t have time?  Seriously!  How long does it take to sign your name? 

Add a quick note if you like, or not.  Add a photo of your kids, printed off your computer or better yet have the neighbor snap a quick group shot of the whole family.

Make Christmas cards an event.  A fun way for the family to sit together at the table, make cards, address them, write notes on colored paper and cut out some photos.  Talk about past Christmases with them and share stories from your childhood.  Make some popcorn and hot cocoa afterwards or head outside for a snowball fight. 

And all those cards you receive this year, don't throw them away.  I'll have a fun project to show you to re-use them after the holidays.

So if you are thinking of giving up on sending Christmas cards this year, re-think that a little bit.  And if you don’t usually send them, why not start?  It is, after all, Christmas.

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  1. I love Christmas cards!! I make mine as well as they turn out really nice!


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