Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts I always want to give something useful and practical.  Hopefully, something that the recipient won’t have to worry about “re-gifting”.  Most importantly I like to give from my heart so I put a lot of thought into the gifts that I give. 

To me gifts aren’t about the monetary value.  They are about the emotional value.  I believe it is more important that the gift is special than one that is expensive. 

I like to keep my gift giving simple.  The act of giving gifts should to be enjoyable, stress free and, above all, shouldn’t place any financial hardship on the giver. 

When it comes to Christmas decide on a budget that is reasonable and will not cause you to go into debt or fail to meet your financial obligations.  If this is a regular struggle at the holidays it is time consider some alternatives.  For me preparing for Christmas is a year-long event. 

Not all of us are handy or crafty but we might find we are a lot handier and craftier than we think if we just give it a try.  Seek out those that have certain skills to help you learn to make or create certain things.  If you know someone who crochets have them teach you a simple stitch and before you know it you’ll be cranking out some serious mufflers. 

A couple of years ago I invested in a set of looms at Walmart to make knitted items because I am not a great knitter.  The directions for making a multitude of items are available for free online.  Knitting on a loom is a fun and relaxing project you can do while watching TV.  I was able to teach my daughter how to use them and she makes beautiful hats.  I am much better at crocheting so between my looms and crochet hooks I can make a lot of really nice gift items. 

Gifts from the kitchen are always appreciated because we all like to eat and face it, we need to.  Every year I pick a theme and make something special to share.  Some of the things I have made up to give at Christmas include: 

·         Homemade Pancake Mix & Syrup
·         Fresh Baked Bread & Homemade Jam
·         Pumpkin Bread
·         Pound Cake
·         Fudge & A Handmade Christmas Ornament
·         Quilted Pot Holders & A Hanging Dish Towel
·         Hand Soap & Dish Towel
·         A Trio of Homemade Jams – Strawberry, Blackberry & Raspberry
·         Ice Cream Sundae Kit – Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry Topping, Maraschino Cherries, & An Ice Cream Scoop
·         Movie Kit – DVD, Microwave Popcorn & 2 Liter Bottle Soda
·         A Tin Of Homemade Cookies – always a favorite
·         Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix & A Mug
·         Recipe Cards Tied With A Ribbon
·         Quilted Throw Pillows
·         Hats & Scarves
·         Fuzzy Socks
·         Book & A Handmade Bookmark
·         CDs Of Favorite Music Mix
·         Calendars & Planners
·         Handmade Note Cards & A Ballpoint Pen
·         Personalized Stationery & Mailing Labels Or Envelopes 

The possibilities are endless and you can make your gifts as simple or as elaborate as you choose.  Just remember to make it fun, stress free and budget friendly.

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