Monday, November 28, 2011

Food Storage – Pyrex

I have had a long time love affair with vintage Pyrex.  I just love it!  I have some modern pieces too but my favorite, by far, is my vintage collection of refrigerator jars, casseroles, baking pans and pie plates in various shapes and sizes. 

I collect mostly the blue Amish Butterprint and pink Gooseberry patterns.  I also love the flamingo pink from the late forties and early fifties which complements the Gooseberry pattern very nicely. 

It is wonderful if you are able to collect something you love but if you can use it to enhance your life on a daily basis then that makes it a truly worthy collectible.  I really do use my vintage collection every day.  I bake, serve and store leftovers in it and as a result I am able to thoroughly enjoy it. 

I gave up on plastic storage containers for a variety of reasons.  Mostly because they stain, hold flavors and odors and don’t reheat well in the microwave.  They don’t last long either, the lids warp and then you end up contributing to the landfill. 

I do use plastic Glad and Ziploc containers for freezing because they are flexible for expansion and contraction, you can write on them, they stack nice and you can recycle them when they wear out. 

For everyday use I go for my Pyrex.  It is pretty and practical.  I also like that I am buying and re-using items from the past as opposed to regularly purchasing new.  I find great pieces at thrift stores, yard sales, antique shops and my favorite place - eBay. 

Do you have a favorite piece (or pieces) you love to use in your kitchen?

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