Friday, January 16, 2015

Dollar Store Shopping

I find dollars stores to be rather handy for the thrifty minded shopper.  I usually visit them about once a month or so to pick up various items.  Not everything they carry is top quality but if you shop carefully you can find some pretty good things for a buck.

Some of the things I shop for routinely include:

Plastic food storage bags, wrap, aluminum foil & waxed paper
Plastic freezer containers
Facial tissues
Storage bins and baskets
Name brand canned cat food, cat toys, pet dishes, etc.
Hair accessories, combs and brushes
Name brand tooth brushes, flossers, toothpaste and mouthwash
Name brand soaps, lotions, deodorant, etc.
Fabric softener, dryer sheets, cleaning supplies, dish soap, etc.
Office supplies
Craft supplies
Picture frames
Candles and candle holders
Gift wrap, bows, ribbon and tissue paper
Greeting cards
Party supplies
Holiday decorations and gift items

Quite often our neighborhood dollar store stocks quite a few grocery items that are not only a great value but also pretty good quality.  The items I usually by are:

Pasta, lasagna noodles & rice
Sweet pickle relish, green olives, roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes, etc.
Baking powder, marshmallow crème, graham cracker pie crusts, etc.
Spices, extracts, lemon juice & food coloring
Candies, gum, cookies, crackers & snacks
Cheese slices
Ice cream bars

Through trial and error I've figured out what is good to buy and what is not so much.  How about you?  What items to you find to be of the greatest value?


  1. Most definitely lasagna noodles. Great buy. I buy virtually every card from the Dollar store and save a ton. I also buy post its and padded mailing envelopes.

    1. Me too! You can't beat them for greeting cards. The selection is fantastic and at .50 to a dollar you can afford to give them. The regular prices on cards at the regular store is way too far outside our budget. For a long time I didn't give them. Now I can!

  2. The dollar tree house brand band-aids are surprisingly good. There was also one DT that had the best hilarious cards - I'd send them to my siblings randomly, just for fun. Oh and for a while we were only drinking soy milk, and I found that at the dollar tree too!
    - molly

    1. I'll have to give the band aids a try. I just love their card selection and they are improving the grocery part in ours too. That is a huge help. I found a lot of good baking stuff at the holidays.

  3. When we move we'll be quite close to a $ store! Can't wait as there are one walking distance now... so it'll help our budget I think! :)

    1. I think you will really like being close to one and one you can walk to is even better. Save gas and get some exercise. :)

  4. We don't have $ stores here, of course - they are called Everything's a Pound, Poundavers and Poundland. In the small town nearest me they have one of each of these and I tend to stay out of them. All those tempting 'organising helps' are one of my weak points. I only go in if I have a specific item I'm looking for, such as raffia clothesline for crafting or a ream of printer paper. Here the food they stock is not generally the heatlhy cook-from-scratch ingredients we aim to buy. But I'm glad someone finds good deals in there!

    1. You can get a whole ream of paper for a pound?! That's a good deal. I know what you mean, you can drop a wad of cash on a bunch of junk if you aren't careful.


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