Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

On Sunday I grabbed a couple coupons and went to Fred Meyer and JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some skeins of yarn on sale.  The coupons added extra savings.  Most of what I bought was to add to the yarn I already had to make some projects.

I crocheted another scarf and ear warmer set using one of the skeins I bought and leftover yarns  from my stash for the contrasting colors.  I also started crocheting a baby afghan.

Pretty slim pickins'
I pretty much cleaned out my crisper drawer in the refrigerator making two nice sizes salads that we enjoyed throughout the week.  My oldest made salad dressing.

I watched another episode of Downton Abbey using our Roku.  I also started watching the fifth season of Justified on Amazon Prime for free.  As a family we watched a few episodes of Numb3rs.

I used up some extra milk I had that was getting close to the expiration date by making a batch of chocolate pudding from scratch.  It was a yummy way to use it up before it soured.

With our mayor.
Wednesday President Obama visited our fair city.  I was able to see Air Force One on the tarmac from my office window.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Friday evening after work I went to Fred Meyer and restocked the empty crisper drawer using a $2 OFF coupon I received in the mail.

Much better!
My daughter found these in a clearance basket.
We are stocked for the summer.
We had a movie night and watched free movies on Amazon.

Early Saturday morning I took the girls out to breakfast at one of our favorite old diners located in downtown Boise.  It is pretty darn popular and you have to plan on waiting in line for a table but it's worth it.

On the way home we stopped at Cash & Carry to pick up some items on sale.  I bought 50# of whole wheat flour for $13.44, a 25# bag of old fashioned oatmeal for $13.75 and a 5# bag of grated cheddar jack cheese for $13.48.  I will be deducting these purchases from future grocery budgets as I won't be using the flour or oatmeal for awhile, but the price, especially on the flour was too good to pass up.  Since I had a few extra dollars I decided to go ahead and make the investment now.

I went to Albertson's and picked up four dozen eggs on sale for 88¢ each.

I used up some sour milk I had saved and an apple that had gone a little soft by making a loaf of Apple Cinnamon Walnut Bread.  A new recipe I'll be sharing with all of you very soon.  I love this bread!

How thrifty were you last week?


  1. You found some amazing grocery deals. I am busy using up what is in the house so I will be ready for all the summertime deals. :-D

    PS Like the yarn colors.

    1. Yarn and fabric I can totally get carried away with. Such fun! I'm getting pretty well stocked up. I'm looking forward to some "use it up" times ahead.

  2. Nice deals on everything! If I could find prices like that on flour, oatmeal, Crystal Light and eggs I would stock up too. Very cool that you got to see Air Force One from your office window! The picture from the diner is making me want to make pancakes for dinner- haha. I like the colors of the skeins of yarn you got- the brown and blue is really nice. :)

    1. I like the brown and blue one too. :) That plane is HUGE! Neat to get to see it.

  3. You always amaze and inspire me! I'm thinking of doing a similar post on my blog and wanted to make sure that is ok with you first. Of course I would title it something different and I would give you credit with a link to your blog for inspiring me. Let me know!


    1. You go for it! :) I got my inspiration from the Prudent Homemaker and I did the same thing you mentioned. I still follow her every week. I'd love to read yours too. We all have so much to learn from each other.

  4. Well done! I am filled with egg envy. Right now, the cheapest I can find them locally is $1.49 a dozen. Hope someone has them on sale this week because I am down to 3 eggs and would love to stock up.

    1. Thank you! Today is the last day of the sale and I'm tempted to go get a couple more. We go through a lot of eggs in this house.


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