Thursday, January 29, 2015

KIS - My Work Wardrobe

In the interest of simplifying my life, especially in the mornings, I have a very basic work wardrobe.  My "little uniforms" if you please.  Clean, crisp and classic lines that are adequately business professional.  Some may think my work wardrobe is rather dull and boring and that is fine with me.  The reality is I'm there to do a job not be a fashion statement.  Not that I ever run the risk of being accused of such. Ha!

I started with a base color of black.  I have no navy blue in my wardrobe because I have a difficult time telling the difference between the two, especially early in the morning.  There is also no brown because I flat don't care for it.

My basic pieces are three pair of black slacks, a pair of grey slacks. a simple black sweater, six pair of black socks and a pair of black leather shoes.  I have ten short sleeved tops in a variety of colors and prints.  I chose short sleeves because I can wear them year round regardless of the weather.  In chilly weather I just wear them with my sweater.

These aren't my actual shirts but reasonable examples
of similar things I own.

For accessories I have about a dozen assorted earrings and a couple of scarves.  The scarves were gifts and they are quite lovely.  I'm not real big on jewelry so this pretty much covers my needs.

I've also added a nice red sweater for a little more variety and to have a spare since I wear a sweater nearly every day.  Sometime this year I plan to add another one in a teal or blue color, I think.

These pieces are all items that I really like and it is really nice to not have a closet filled with items I don't wear.  My decisions as to what to wear are easy to make and I have just enough clothing that I only need to wash laundry about once a week.  As items wear out I replace them one at a time so my expenses are kept to a minimum.

Pretty simple, pretty basic, but it adequately covers my needs.


  1. I did this in my last job - it was SO easy. Jeans, polo shirt, done. :-)

    1. Keeping it simple! That's what it is all about.

  2. I was taught this method at my very first office job by an older woman who took me under her wing. It is a very smart way to live- easy to get ready in the morning, easy to maintain a smaller wardrobe and cost effective too. It does make me anxious for the weekend so I can wear something different though. On the weekends, I go for jeans and colorful tees and sneakers or loafers- again, simple and basic but it is a change from the work week.

    1. That is pretty much me on the weekends too. And my leather biker jacket. ;)

  3. Dana,
    I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I have used many of your tips, ideas and recipes. All were great !!! You are truly a blessing to those of us who live on a very tight budget.
    If I can give one suggestion regarding a "work wardrobe", rather than wearing a sweater with your slacks, wear a blazer or suit jacket. It will keep you just as warm as a sweater but looks more professional. Early in my Human Resources career, my mentor told me this and he was right. If you want to be successful, you must dress for success.
    Thrift stores are a great source for Blazers and suit jackets for a fraction of their original cost. I always have them dry cleaned (I know it's an added expense but still cheaper than brand new) and then I do my own alterations. If you have talented friends they will do it for free in exchange for a home cooked dinner and some cheap wine.
    Thank you again for sharing with us,
    Vanessa B.

    1. Vanessa, thank you for your suggestion. I agree with you that dressing for success is important. Where I work a blazer would be overdressing. No one in management, not even our CEO wears one on a daily basis. I tend to take my queues from management. When I worked at other places, however I did wear them and I do own a lovely suit for occasions when I need to step it up. Take care and thank you again. Great suggestion!


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