Monday, January 5, 2015

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

The youngest and I got up early Sunday morning and headed out to do a little shopping before the stores got crowded.  At Albertson's we deposited our glass for recycling in the bin they have in their parking lot.  Then we went inside to pick up groceries on sale and turn in our Stamp Saver booklet to redeem it for a free 10" non stick Cuisinart skillet.  It is a really nice pan and you sure can't beat the price.

After the grocery store we stopped at the dollar store and stocked up on zipper style food storage bags, storage containers and a couple rolls of birthday gift wrap.  I was low on sandwich bags, out of quart size and completely out of birthday wrap.

While at the dollar store I bought three more drinking glasses to add to our current ones because we didn't have enough when company came to dinner plus we had one break.  Now the broken one has been replaced and we have two extra for guests.  I also picked up a bottle of facial cleanser and scored twin packs of toothbrushes to stock up on.

I reorganized the food storage containers making sure everyone of them had a lid, which surprisingly they did.  I then relocated them to the bottom drawer in the kitchen along with the new packages of containers and bags.  Now I have all my freezer and investment cooking storage supplies neatly in one place.  I also added a new Sharpie marker to the junk drawer where it will be handy.

I reorganized my gift wrap supplies into a nice neat corner of the hall closet.  Now I know exactly what I have and what I need to get.  I added a new roll of scotch tape I found in the school supplies box.  Next Christmas I should only need to buy a couple rolls of gift wrap.  I have plenty of gift bags, tags, bows and gift boxes.  I may possibly need more tissue as well.

I shopped the weekly ads online and made notes on my grocery list to pick up the items from my list that are on sale at Fred Meyer.  On Tuesday evening, on the way home from work, I picked up a 16 pound bag of Friskies cat food on sale for $9.99, two 16 oz. containers of sour cream for 99¢ each, two bags of chips on sale for $1.79 each, two bags of tortilla chips for $1 each, plus I had a 40¢ OFF coupon.  I redeemed a raincheck for two bags of whole wheat flour that had been on sale for 2/$5.00 and a bag of all purpose flour for $1.89 plus I had a 40¢ OFF coupon.  I used quite a few other coupons for items on my list that came to me in the mail from Fred Meyer too.  I was able to buy almost everything on my list already!  Plus, when I checked out they gave me a $1.00 coupon to use on my next shopping trip!

I used my Fred Meyer rewards card at their gas stations and saved an extra 3¢ a gallon.  I filled my gas tank for just under $24 bucks!  It has been a looooong time since I've done that, believe me.

I completely cleaned my stove inside and out including the range hood and tiles behind it.  I ran the filter from the range hood through the dishwasher to get it clean.  I used my Mean Green kitchen cleaner removing the knobs and cleaning all the grease that had collected around them.  I love starting the new year with a nice clean stove and oven.

My quilted china storage set arrived from Amazon and on New Year's day I was able to get all of my Christmas china safely stored and put away.  I'm really glad I sprang for the package of felt pads to place between each piece.  It was really nice to get to use our Christmas china this year.  I missed it last year, more than I thought I would.

The old storage solution.
New storage solution.  Much better!
We used note cards and stationery we already had and leftover Christmas stamps and return address labels so the girls and I could send thank you notes.

I made a Christmas gift for my oldest daughter using yarn I had left from another project.  Part of the yarn I used was from a project I started and didn't like so I quit.  The neat thing is my daughter picked out the color scheme without realizing she was giving me input on her future Christmas present.  I know, I'm little nuts starting on Christmas gifts already, but I love to make gifts.  And I love to crochet.

I washed out a couple of gallon size and a quart size Ziploc bag plus a bowl cover, or shower hat if you will, to reuse.

I made a loaf of French bread.

I did an online survey for Fred Meyer and earned 50 bonus points toward my next fuel discount.

New Year's Day lasagna.
Now I'm just showing off!
My red plaid flannel pajama pants were worn out and most recently the elastic gave way.  If the fabric was in better condition I would have happily replaced the elastic.  The black knit top that goes with them is still in great shape so I found a replacement pair of pajama pants at ShopKo on clearance for $10.38.

The oldest has gone through a serious growth spurt.  That was never more evident than when she tried to wear her regular clothes over Christmas break and nothing fit.  She wears a uniform every day to school.  While at ShopKo I found her a new pair of jeans on sale for $14.99 and a cute top on clearance for $9.58.  I also found a bra/camisole combo on clearance for $1.58!  I decided to buy it and save it for my youngest when she starts needing one.

At Fred Meyer I found a fleece hoodie on sale for $12.80.  It was regularly $36.00.  I also had a 20% off one apparel item coupon they had sent me in the mail which saved me an additional $2.56.  Much better price for the hoodie.  It is super cute and she loves it. J

My gosh this turned out to be a long post!  I think I was super motivated for the new year.  How thrifty were you last week?

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  1. You really should consider making and selling the scarf and head wrap. Really nice!

    1. Oh thanks! I might have to make another one and put it on Etsy. :)

  2. I love the scarf and head wrap. My sister crochets gifts too and they always come out so nice. I really would like to learn.

    1. There are some really good tutorials on YouTube. I like the gal that calls herself Glama (glamor and grandma mashed together). She is a cutie and really easy to follow.

  3. Need to start by saying "Wow!" You can crochet beautifully! I am in love with the scarf set you made your daughter. She is going to love it. Also, way to go on already getting a good start on next Christmas- that is awesome!
    Your lasagna looks delish! What a great meal for New Years (of course this is coming from an Italian girl- haha!)
    You had a super week of saving all around! I wish one of our local grocery stores did the stamp saver booklet thing- what a nice way to earn kitchen ware. I like the frying pan you chose!
    My head is hanging in shame though as I look at your wonderfully organized wrapping center and your neatly arranged Tupperware drawer.) :(
    As for me, I am trying to stay thrifty by staying in the house as much as possible- haha! ;)

    1. Thank you Dawn. I had a lot of fun making it. I'm on a serious organizing kick these days. Feel free to join me - ha, ha. Staying home is a great way to be thrifty. Good job. :)

  4. The scarf and head band are absolutely beautiful. Great job!

    Theresa(too lazy to sign into google :))

    1. LOL. You are too funny but I know what you mean. I don't like it when it makes me sign in again too. Thanks for the compliment on my crochet project. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. :)


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