Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A New Pillow For Our Living Room

The two pillow forms I made

You may remember during the summer I had taken a defective bed pillow and remade it into two pillow forms.  I used one of the forms to make a new throw pillow for my bed using items I already had on hand.  It made for a fantastic no-cost project.

This is the pillow I made with one of the forms
I had a specific idea in my head of what kind of pillow I wanted for the leopard print chair in our living room and I knew, especially since I wasn't seeing what I wanted at the stores, that I could quite easily make it once I found the perfect piece of fabric.

While out shopping for fabric to make a Christmas gift a couple of months ago I happened across that perfect piece of fabric.  Royal purple pinched taffeta.  I was thrilled.  But not by the price - 13.99 a yard!  As it turned out I also had a 50% OFF coupon a friend had given me so that made it much more reasonable, plus I didn't need a full yard.  I bought 2/3 of a yard, used my coupon and then paid for it with a gift card I had.  Another no-cost (to me) pillow project coming up!

I simply laid the remaining pillow form I had made on the fabric, cut it out an inch larger than the form and stitched around it with matching purple thread I just happened to have in my massive thread stash leaving an opening wide enough to stick the end of the form in once I folded it in half.

After clipping the corners I turned it right side out.  I did not iron it as I didn’t want the taffeta to get that shiny look it gets when you iron it.  Once I had worked the pillow form inside I moved it around and fluffed it into place.  Then I just pinned the opening closed and whip stitched it with tiny little stitches.

Took less than 15 minutes, start to finish, and I couldn't be happier with it.  It looks great in my sassy little chair.

The bonus is I only used half of the fabric and it was exactly enough to make a second pillow!

I was planning to make a pillow for a friend of ours for Christmas and her favorite color just happens to be purple.  So I grabbed one of the brand new travel size pillows I bought for us for camping, it was still in the package, and used that for the form.  Worked out perfectly and I got another gift crossed off my list.  Once I replace the pillow this gift will come in at a whopping $3.50!

Such a pretty pillow

So there you have it.  A brand new throw pillow for our living room and a bonus pillow as a Christmas gift.  I love making pillows.  Simple, inexpensive and you can really get creative.  They are so much fun! 

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