Monday, November 16, 2015

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Another crazy busy week at our house.  I am now one of those moms that spends her time shuttling her children to their various activities and waiting for them to get done.  To make wise use of my time I took my laptop with me and a book so I could read, write, pay bills, organize, plan, shop, etc.

I am trying to conserve fuel as much as possible now that we are going places more often by combining those trips with errands.  On the way home one evening I stopped at Albertson's to pick up a few stock up items.  I bought three 12 packs of toilet paper for $10, four 16 oz. jars of peanut butter for $1.29 each, 20 containers of yogurt for 25¢ each and two bags of baking chips for $1.99 each to add to my holiday baking stash.  I also found some spicy sausage in the markdown bin for $1.  My youngest loves that stuff.

On the way home Friday I stopped at Fred Meyer for some fresh lettuce and a bottle of wine for dinner on Saturday as we had guests.  I made chicken enchiladas and a Jello Poke Cake from stuff I already had on hand.

I fed the chickens some stale hotdog buns and our kitchen scraps.  Right now they are molting and laying only one or two eggs a day.

We picked more tomatoes from the garden and a pepper.  I composted coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and banana peels.

I ordered more gifts from Amazon for my daughter's upcoming birthdays. 

How thrifty was your week?


  1. My week has been far from 'thrifty'... i've spent so much $ on food this week! I had to put in a natural pork order, I had to replenish all of GF/allergy free mixes, and do a big grocery shop for the basics/meat. *sigh* Hoping next week is a low-spend week!

    1. Fingers are crossed for a thriftier week this week!

  2. My week has been sort of thrifty. I did some stocking up by shopping the loss leaders at one store and I went regular grocery shopping at my favorite store of choice. I was happy about the fact that, even though we haven't done any regular grocery shopping in a few weeks and I felt we had a lot to replenish, I still only spent what I would in a normal 1 week shopping trip. I also scoured some clearance racks and managed to pick up a couple of gifts for the kids for Christmas. :)

    1. Aren't loss leaders wonderful? It sounds to me like you did great. I love it when I find gifts on clearance and can stretch the budget even further.

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