Monday, May 23, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I spent most of Sunday sewing and it was heavenly.  A whole weekend devoted to sewing, almost never happens.  I managed to finish putting my Americana stencil quilt top together and it is turning out better than I imagined.  I can hardly wait to show you all when it is finished.  Whoo hoooo!

We took a break around 3:00 in the afternoon Sunday to run down to the fruit stand and pick up a flat of strawberries they had on sale for $8.95.  Then off to Fred Meyer as we were out of milk and they had fresh raspberries on for 99¢ per container (I bought the limit of four).  I also grabbed several bags of chips so I could stock up for Memorial Day, an upcoming picnic and some other fun events we have planned.  I used a $1.00 OFF $5 in Kroger chips coupon Fred Meyer sent me in the mail too so one bag was free!

My youngest and I took turns slicing up the strawberries.  Actually she did most of them.  Over the course of three days we laid them out on cookies sheets and froze them to put in bags.  I did the same with the raspberries.  We'll use them in desserts, jam, yogurt and just to eat.  Yum!

After work Monday the young one and I gave the coop a light cleaning and added fresh bedding.  We composted the chicken poo and dirty bedding.  We pulled up a huge pile of dandelion greens in the backyard and fed them to the hens.  We also gave them all the strawberry trimmings.  They were quite happy and stocked us very well with eggs last week.

Kitty in the strawberry box

A friend gave me a coupon for 50% OFF at JoAnns.  I used it to buy four more yards of off white muslin for $8.  I plan to use most of it to back the American stencil quilt and the rest will be used for more projects I have planned. J

I bought two brushes from Amazon for only $1.85! Free shipping too.  That totally beats the $ Store.  I used the smaller one for my Go Bag and the other one will be kept as a spare until somebody needs it.

The girls and I used some dish towels to make drawstring bags (post coming) for our mess kits for camping.  Fun little project to do together.  We were able to use up some things I had in my sewing stash including some wide grosgrain ribbon I had saved that was tied around a stack of wash cloths I had purchased a couple months ago and another one that was tied around a fleece throw my daughter received as a gift.  I knew they would come in handy.

We made a double batch of granola and four pints of vanilla yogurt.

I trimmed my bangs.

We washed out a two gallon Ziploc bag and a few quart sizes to reuse.

We returned books to the library and checked out more.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Love the dish towel bags. I wish I could sew. Looks like you had a great week.

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