Monday, May 2, 2016

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday I finished up two embroidery projects I had been working on while I watched the NASCAR race on Youtube.  I made myself two cloth bread dough covers.  I used up some vintage lace I had in my stash along with some off white muslin.  I made my own transfers by printing off the pattern onto some of my scrap paper and then tracing the design onto the fabric with a pencil.  Works pretty slick. I'll be sharing more about these with you soon.

I patched a pair of my youngest's jeans.  She is quite adept and putting her knees through her jeans and with only six weeks of school left I felt it more prudent to patch them rather than replace them.  This summer I'll turn them into shorts.

I took everything out of our refrigerator, cleaned it inside and then put everything back nice and neat and organized.  I was able to rotate items to get used up.  I made a little buffet for the chickens too so they benefitted quite nicely from this little chore.

I printed out a new pantry list and began to plan my grocery shopping for May.

I printed another embroidery pattern I found online onto some scrap paper.  I cut a couple pieces of white fabric to trace it onto.  My daughter wants to learn to embroider so I made one for each of us.  It will be a fun project to work on together. 

I also copied a favorite craft pattern I use often that was wearing out.  I placed it on my printer and used scrap paper from my stash.  Then I decided to go ahead and make a second one while I was at it.  Now I'll have extras for later and I can keep on crafting!

We enjoyed my daughter's Honor Orchestra concert Tuesday evening.  Afterward they had a reception and asked everyone to bring certain things to contribute.  We were asked to bring something to drink.  I happened to have a 2 liter bottle of orange soda in the pantry for just such an occasion. J

I made a huge loaf of French bread for sandwiches.  YUM!

We made a trip to Home Depot after work on Friday to pick up some stuff to complete a couple home improvement projects.  Then we stopped in next door at the feed store to grab a 50# bag of laying pellets and a replacement lid for one of their water feeders.  The chickens earned more than enough in egg sales the past two months to cover that bill. J

Saturday morning we had to drop off my daughter at a friend's house fairly early.  I decided to take advantage of that outing to combine and run errands before I returned home.  The youngest and I dropped off our glass recycling at the big bin in Albertson's parking lot, dropped off a big load of purged items at the thrift store donation center and then dropped off books we had finished reading at the library's drive thru book return.

We got a jumpstart on our May grocery shopping a day early because our schedule in the coming week is pretty tight.  At Cash & Carry we picked up 10# of lean ground beef, 5# of grated cheddar, 6 bell peppers and 3 heads of lettuce.

Next stop was to run the car through the carwash and thoroughly vacuum out the inside, including the trunk.  On the way home we stopped back at Albertson's for toilet paper and a 16# bag of cat food that was on sale, hamburger and hot dog buns, a package of bagels in the markdown bin, green onions, a bag of mixed veggie, bananas and two containers of whipped topping.  Plenty of stuff to see us through for quite awhile.

We washed out several Ziploc bags to reuse.

I sold four dozen eggs to our friends and a co-worker.

I picked a huge pile of dandelion greens and fed them to the chickens.  I also gave them some kitchen scraps.  They blessed us with two dozen eggs.

How thrifty was your week?


  1. Your embroidery is beautiful!
    Nice start on your May grocery shopping. That's one of the things on my to do list this week.
    What a blessing your chickens are! We want to get some at some point but we are finding that we need to build an enclosed house for them because people around here say they attract a lot of other animals, particularly coyote. We know a family who has a henhouse and there are deep scratches all over the door from the coyotes trying to get in there. It made us rethink everything and we are not in a rush to get them now. We certainly don't want coyotes coming too close to the house.
    You had a very thrifty week. High Five to you and your girls! :)

    1. Thanks Dawn! We have racoons. Our coop has wire on the ground, all along the sides and across the top. I didn't want to take any chances. Fortunately the coyotes stay away. If we had them too close I'd have to build my girls a shed to live in and keep them safe. I'd hate for anything bad to happen to them.


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