Friday, May 6, 2016

My Uber Thrifty Month In Review - April

I had worked 6 hours of overtime the end of March and there was an extra day that pay period as well, which made for a very nice paycheck to start the month off with.  I paid all of my monthly bills ahead of their due dates, added an extra amount to my monthly debt payment goal and kept out a little extra for some updates to our wardrobes.

The girls needed new underwear and sport bras.  I also found a pair of black capris on sale for my youngest to wear to school next fall as part of her school uniform.  I was able to add three really nice cardigans to my simple little wardrobe which allowed me to easily replace the ones that were worn and faded.

Did some purging and organizing

I used my rewards card to save me an extra 10¢ a gallon at Fred Meyer's gas station and filled up my car.  I was extra careful with my driving, combining errands and trying not to make unnecessary trips to conserve fuel so I only ended up buying one tank of gas last month.

I didn’t grocery shop much during the month, and we really didn’t need to, so I came in well under budget.  I rolled that money over and plan to use it to stock up on meat and cheese (or whatever) when I find a really good deal.

I sold several dozen eggs to friends and our neighbors which padded the coffers for the next time I go to the feed store to get them more food.  Right now they are completely self sufficient and earning more than enough money to pay for everything they need.

I had turned off the main heat back in February and early last month we unplugged the infrared heater and put it away in the garage.  We've only used our fireplace a handful of times as the weather has been nice enough to not need to heat the house.  It also rained enough during the month that we didn't need to water the lawn or the flower beds.

Another awesome month is in the books.  Now to make May just as awesome.

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