Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Simple Handmade Pillowcases

I needed to custom make some pillowcase because the ones you buy are larger now than what they used to be.  As you already know I was gifted some hand crocheted lace from a friend that her grandmother had made.  It is so pretty.  Fortunately I know how to make a pillowcase.

There are plenty of ways to make a pillowcases.  From simple and basic to fancy and elaborate.  I've made them a few different ways but this is how I like to do it.  Just a nice simple basic pillowcase with endless possibilities.

I used 100% cotton muslin to make my pillowcases.  After washing and drying it I pressed it with an iron.  Fortunately the 44" width of the fabric was perfect.  After I squared up the end I cut two pieces 32" long.

At one end I pressed the edge over 1/2" and then folded over 3" to make the hem at the opening of the pillowcase.  With my hem gauge I pinned and pressed it.  Then I selected a decorative stitch and sewed across the edge.  You can certainly straight stitch it here too.

Stitching the hem
Stitching the first part of the french seam - WRONG sides together.

I like to use French seams so I don't have any raw edges anywhere.  Pinning WRONG sides together I sewed a 1/4" seam using a straight stitch down the side and across the bottom.

Finishing the French seam - RIGHT sides together.
Using my pinking shears I trimmed the seam close to the stitching, careful not to get too close and cut the stitches.  I turned the pillowcase inside out and pressed it making sure the seams were neatly pressed and corners square.  Then I repeated the 1/4 seam along the side and across the bottom.

Pressed and folded in half - looks great just like this!

Once I turned the pillowcase right side out it was all finished.  Ta da!  

Close up of the hem.
I pressed it again and then got busy and hand stitched the crocheted lace to the edge of the hem.  I plan to make another set for some lilac colored crocheted lace I have and I have some pretty white lace too that I'd like to use for a set too.

After I added the crocheted lace.
When I make the pillowcases with the white lace I plan to tuck it under the edge of the hem before I stitch it.  That will make it nicely embellished, I think.  And save me a step in stitching it on later.

So pretty!

Have you ever made your own pillowcases?  Think you'll make some now?  If so, I want to see them!  Hope you share. J


  1. Those are quite lovely. I have never made any, and I am pretty sure I never will. I only use white cotton sheets and about 10 years ago I bought a pack of 2 dozen white cotton pillowcases. (They were inexpensive and it was a closeout thing) I don't think I will ever need any more, but I am tempted to put some decorative lace on the edges!

    1. The best part is putting the pretty stuff on them.

  2. Love your pillowcases! Yes I have made several pillowcases and all with French seams like yours! Made them out of the recycled back of a quilt my son used for years that I had made him in his childhood. The backing was actually a bedsheet from KMart when Martha Stewart's line could be found there. Bummer they closed the Kmart on Fairview, that was my fav.

    The lace embellishments are lovely. :)

    1. Thanks Teresa. It is sad to see them close Kmart. Closest one now is in Nampa. We had a really nice one on Parkcenter. I was bummed when that one closed


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