Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day To You!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Can I just say, I love my readers!  

You guys are the best.  I really do appreciate you and I all the wonderful and supportive comments you leave are so nice.  When you tell me the things I share about my life are helping you in some way it makes my heart sing.

A lot of you tell me what you are doing too.  I find inspiration and glean all kinds of great ideas from you guys as well.  We all learn from each other and I think that is absolutely wonderful.  The blogging community is really something special, don't you think.

I hope your day is filled love and joy and all things wonderful.  And a little chocolate too.


  1. Today our fence is getting fixed! It's not thrifty or frugal, but it's necessary, which is WHY we're thrifty and frugal, to afford those things we need! Now my dog won't escape and bother the neighbors, and we're not the eyesore on the block! Woot!

    - Molly

  2. "And a little chocolate too." Really? What about "And a mountain of chocolate" or even better "And a BIG mountain of chocolate".

    1. LOLOLOLOL. A truckload of chocolate!!!!!!!!

    2. That is so much better. I do hate to be critical but some things just must be corrected.

    3. Especially when it comes to chocolate! ;)


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