Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Thrifty Wrap Up & Some Big News!

Financially speaking, February was a really good month for us!  I had some overtime on my paycheck to start the month off with and easily paid all of our monthly expenses ahead of their due dates.  Our power bill was much lower than the one we had for January the previous year and that made a huge difference as well.  I actually did a happy dance when I received that.  So far our electric bill has stayed well below $200 this winter, sure couldn't say that last year, and I expect it to only get lower as we head further into the year.  Hurrah!

For groceries I did really well in February.  I was able to get some really good prices on produce and meat finding lots of good markdown items as well as great sales.  I stocked up on steak as well as ground pork and sausage.  At the end of the month I had some extra money leftover so I set it aside for March's grocery budget and when a great price on pot roast showed up at the end of the month I was able to use some of that money to stock up on that as well.

In January I had prepared my income tax refund and got it filed by the end of the month.  On February 22 I received both my state and federal refund deposited right into my checking account.  First think I did was transfer the amount I wanted to add to my savings account and emergency fund as well as an additional amount to complete my latest financial goal.

Laverne is PAID OFF!  I had paid myself back for everything but the amounts I'd spent on updates and supplies by the end of January so when I received my tax refund I added that amount back into my savings as well.  I no longer owe myself any money for what I've spent on my motorhome!  Yipeeeee!

Even after all of that I still have money left.  I'm going to sit down when I have a spare moment to decide what I'm going to do with that.  With February as a short month I'll be starting March off with a paycheck minus a couple of days on it so I might give myself a break and just use it to make up the difference.  That is one nice thing about getting your tax refund in February.

So there you have it.  A financially fantastic February!  Say that fast three times!


  1. Congratulations on the successful month and paying off Laverne!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU... proud of ya, girl!

    I wish our trailer was paid off. However, Husband said this morning that he'd noticed we were starting to make progress on the loan. I mentioned that not only was I paying $50 extra each month -- but I'd followed your plan of making the loan payment early in the month to save interest. He agreed!!!
    And this is the same man who pooh-poohed my 'pay early' plan when I started doing it a year ago...

    1. Thanks Cindy!

      It is amazing what a difference it makes isn't it?

  3. We have spent about the same on food even with two more mouths to feed. Both sons brought the food back home from their apartments when they returned and we have been eating it.

    The electric bill was $50 more! We weren't expecting that since we stopped heating the basement but opened up my sons' bedroom. We thought it would be the same. We figured the difference was because we stopped using the wood stove in the basement. My husband has decided to use the wood stove more and let the guys chop and haul the wood. I warned him the hard work will only make them hungrier.

    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry

  4. Woohoo! Excellent, Laverne is done! Good job and congratulations :)


  5. Congrats on paying off Laverne. Great Job

    Enjoy, Janie

    1. Thank you Janie. It feels really nice to have that money back in my savings account.


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