Friday, March 2, 2018

My Bathroom Routine

Our bathroom routine is quick and easy and that makes it much nicer for all us.  It also helps that we all work together to make it happen.  We have two bathrooms in our home, a full bathroom upstairs and a half bath, or powder room, downstairs.  Every morning when we are done in the bathroom we take the time to do a simple wipe up so we don't leave water splatters soap suds or toothpaste residue behind for the next person to have to deal with.  That has been my mantra lately.  Clean up after yourself so no one else has to deal with your mess.

At the end of each day, or at least every other day, we give our toilet bowl a quick swish with a toilet brush.  In each bathroom I keep a container filled with a soapy solution of Fabulosa and water to keep our brush in.  I think this is so much better than letting a nasty brush sit in a puddle of yuck.  I do the downstairs and the girls take turns upstairs.

Once a week we clean the bathrooms.  We scrub out the tub and sink with comet and then wipe down the counters with Fabulosa I keep in a spray bottle and a clean rag.  Then we dump the soapy toilet brush solution into the toilet and give it a good scrub with the brush.

The brush and container get rinsed out with hot, hot water and then new soap solution goes in.  We clean up the toilet with Fabulosa and a rag.  About once a month we scrub it down really good with Comet and a scrub sponge.

Mirrors are washed, trash is dumped and then the floors get vacuumed and mopped.  I do the downstairs bathroom and the girls do the upstairs together.  They'll switch off on who does what each week.  Every once in a while I do the upstairs bathroom just to make sure they haven't missed anything.

Hand towels are switched out regularly and the bath mat get washed once or twice a week as needed on laundry days.  I can't emphasize enough, the key is everyone is responsible to clean up after themselves which makes all the difference in the world.  This way on cleaning day 15 minutes is more than enough time to get the job done.


  1. Love your routine.. You are so right, if you keep up with the picking up/cleaning after yourself, it makes the real cleaning days quick and fast
    I love fabulosa.. Smells so good.. I like your idea about keeping the brush in it.. I will get me a container for the brush and start this routine.. thank you for sharing.

    1. We picked our containers up at the thrift store. The one in my bathroom is the bottom of a cookie jar. The girls chose a pretty white ceramic pot.

  2. I definitely agree that cleaning up after yourselves conquers half the work. We have two bathrooms, but one is really more my husband's and the other one is more mine and my daughter's when she comes home on the weekends. My husband cleans his shower and I clean everything else, but still just hime doing that helps a lot. The showers are the most time consuming and strenuous.

    Your cleaning schedules are a lot more fastidious than mine - and it shows! Your bathroom looks immaculate :)


    1. Thank you! I try. My least favorite part of the job is the shower, definitely.

  3. You are training your girls well. It's too bad you cannot train a couple of boys! I hate following a guy into the bathroom who thinks he still lives with his mother who did or did not do everything for him. Yuck!

    1. I think boys are pretty gross in the bathroom when they don't clean up after themselves. I raised a son and know this to be true. Yuck is right!


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