Monday, March 26, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning found me bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I was ready to start my day.  I got busy right away with a fresh pot of coffee and did all of my bookkeeping and household management tasks.  Once that was completed I decided to check my Fred Meyer digital coupons and their ad.  Boy am I glad I decided to do that.  Fred Meyer had sent me a digital coupon that was good for Sunday only on frozen turkey breasts, like we had at Thanksgiving, for only 88¢ per pound!  Limit of 5!

Turkey haul!

There were also coupons for meats they had on sale in their ad.  I downloaded all of the coupons, carefully made out a list and got ready to head out to Fred's.  The oldest and I jumped into the car and took off, we were excited!  Not only did we get five turkey breasts for less than $5 each, but I also got a big package of chicken breasts, a package of hot Italian sausage links, a package of Italian meatballs and a package of ground turkey, all for $1 OFF with downloaded coupons.  After the coupons the chicken was $8.58 and the others were $1.99 each.  Score!  The deep freeze is full and we are set for meat for a very long time.

I divided the chicken up into four Ziploc bags and got that into the freezer along with everything else.  I am so excited to have my deep freeze topped off.

Chicken, diced celery, mayo, curry powder, salt & pepper - easy!

Monday I came home from work and took all of the meat left on my free rotisserie chicken I had picked up at Albertsons on Saturday.  I chopped it up and made a bowl of curry chicken salad for my supper.  The girls used some of their leftover corned beef to make Reuben sandwiches.  Boy did those smell good!

Tuesday I used up the leftovers from the girl's corned beef dinner to make them a big pan of Corned Beef Hash.  With a nice fried egg on top it made for a pretty tasty and thrifty supper.  My oldest had a huge stack of homework so she decided to stay home and work on that instead of go to robotics and I got the night off.

Corned beef hash

Wednesday my youngest had cheer practice and we got hit with some serious rain.  Of course while I was driving to pick her up we got hit the hardest and the streets were flooded.  My car was sure clean though.  Free carwash.  Thanks God! 😃

Thursday we were back to robotics and I managed to get some errands run and finished up just in time to head back and pick up the girl.

Friday I had the evening off, my oldest was babysitting for a neighbor so the youngest and I watched a movie and chilled.  I had hoped to get outside and do a little yardwork but the weather wasn't feeling overly cooperative.

Saturday was by far my most productive day.  I got up early that morning and did a little bookkeeping, wrote a couple blog posts and then fixed breakfast for my oldest before we had to dash to drop her off for a full day of robotics to prepare for next week's competition.  On the way home I stopped off at Winco to pick up coleslaw mix (they have the best price), more eggs (the girls want to dye eggs this Easter) and a big package of bacon.

Then to Trader Joes!  I hadn't been there for awhile and I have to say it is my happy place.  I really love to shop there for some odd reason.  While I was checking out I bought an extra shopping bag to put in Laverne.  She needs her own Trader Joes shopping bag, don't you think?

When I got home I put the bones I'd saved from my free rotisserie chicken I got the week before into the slow cooker with celery, carrots and onion.  I let it simmer all day long to make a really nice broth.  Then into a big bowl and in the fridge to sit overnight and let the fat rise to the top.

Gorgeous day

After picking up the oldest from robotics the three of us headed off to the park for some fresh air and exercise.  It was a little chilly and breezy at 50°, but mostly sunny so I decided we needed to hit the greenbelt and walk.  We headed from Municipal park to Julia Davis park and then to the library (so we could pee) and back again putting in just over 3 miles.  It felt pretty good to get outside and walk along the river with the geese and ducks and stretch our legs.  We are so lucky to have as many great walking areas in Boise as we do.

The girls inside the Gene Harris Bandshell

Earlier in the week I had picked up some portabello mushrooms on markdown at Fred Meyer so when we got home I stuffed those and baked them in the oven for our supper along with a pan of roasted broccoli seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and tossed in olive oil.  Delicious!  Recipe for the mushrooms is coming.

You never know what you'll see while out on a walk
"Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener....."

I ordered pedometers for me and the girls from Amazon that evening as we have decided to embark on a walking routine.  My work has a wellness program that I participate in and they are starting a walking/running/hiking challenge on April 1 and my daughters have decided to join me!  Yaaaay!  I'm super excited.  My work supplied me with a pedometer to use, so I decided to get the girls one and an extra one for me, just in case.  They were only $8.99 each.  I used the one I got from work on our walk and we charted almost 7,000 steps.  Not too shabby!

"Hey, whaddup Thrifty Mom?"

That was how our week played out.  How was your thrifty week?


  1. We did pretty well. We sold a bike one of the kids had outgrown, and got $75 for it. Made meals at home, with one meal out (free, with gift card) exception. Froze all leftovers, and no food waste. So, calling it a success!

    1. That is terrific and I'd say successful too! Good job on the bike sale and a free eat out is always nice.

  2. What a great week! I see no snow! We still have several feet piled up especially at the end of the drive. But, two to three friends and I still walk almost every day even in minus degree weather. I think that’s why we live so long up here! So nice that your daughters are walking with you; it’s way more fun!

    1. Can you believe how gorgeous it was and then the next day it snowed like crazy! That's Boise for you. I'm hoping by next year I'll be feeling so good that I can walk year round and not be so affected by the cold. That's my goal!

  3. My goodness you scored on those meat deals! I had no idea that Boise had a zoo. Man I wish I had known that when we were down there visiting twice.

    1. We have a really nice zoo. Next time you are here let me know. We'll check it out! :)


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