Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dollar Store Cuisine - Challenge #2

As you may recall, this summer I gave my girls a challenge to create a meal from items purchased at the dollar store for $5 or less.  It has to feed at least two people and be as nutritious as possible.  Spices, oil and salt & pepper are the only things excluded from the $5.  Everything else they use has to be an item you could purchase at Dollar Tree.  They both eagerly accepted.

My youngest was more than ready for the dollar store challenge and came up with a great meal.  She even took her own blog post photos.  She loves pork fried rice and managed to find everything she needed to make this meal at our local Dollar Tree.

First thing she did was to cook up a cup and a half of the rice to make three cups of cooked rice.  She scrambled up four eggs in a bowl and set them aside.  

Then browned up the sausages breaking them into smaller pieces.

Using the rendered fat she added in a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and the rice, seasoned it with soy sauce (also available at the dollar store) and stirred it until it was all mixed together and heated through.

Making a well in the center she poured in the eggs and began to scramble them.  One final stir got it all combined and she was ready to serve.  The girls proclaimed this meal not only met the requirements of the challenge, but it was also very tasty. 

This made four good sized servings

They will continue the challenge next month and I will be sure to let you know what they come up with.  I'm excited to find out myself.


  1. I love that she took a recipe she already loved and made it dollar-tree-style! You are preparing your daughters with all sorts of life skills.

    - Molly

    1. I take no credit for this one. She did it all on her own. I was impressed! :)

  2. Awesome!! It looks so delish! This could be a series in itself.... and a book! Your girls are cuties!


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