Monday, June 11, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

Sunday morning the girls and I finally got the garden put in.  Our schedules and the weather finally synched up and we were able to get it done.  How well it will do remains to be seen.  I didn't do so well with my seed starts I'm afraid.  But I planted my spindly tomato plants, an egg plant and some bell peppers and the rest was put in as seeds.  We shall see.

Monday was the quietest day of the week.  When I got home from work I spent two hours meal prepping for the week to come making four entrees and filling twelve of my Pyrex and Corning Ware food storage containers.

Tuesday was the busiest day of our week with my oldest beginning her first day of her summer internship.  After work I had to pick up the youngest and take her to the orthodontist and then pick up the oldest and take her to a robotics meeting.  In between I popped into Walmart and picked up some picnic foods to feed the girls (all those meals I'd prepped and no way to heat them up) which included a deli sub sandwich, chips and bottled water.  I grabbed a pitiful salad from their woeful selection or myself and made do.  I don't have plans to do that again soon, not very satisfying at all.  After dropping off the girl at robotics we cooled our heels at the local library.  I had taken my laptop so I could use their wifi.  I got our bills paid and watched a few YouTube videos there until it was time to pick up the oldest.  We got home shortly after 9:00 that night.  It was a crazy day.  

Wednesday was much better in that I got to go home right after work and stay there.  I baked up one of the fudge brownie mixes I got a while back on sale for 79¢ and took it into work the next day.  One of the managers I work with is a serious chocoholic so he was quite happy.  Always good to share a little love with your co-workers. 

Getting her Saturday chores done

Thursday I was right back at it, this time picking up the oldest after work and running her to the orthodontist to have her retainer checked, for the last time!  We were in and out in record time too.  At least I managed to get home at a decent time and we were all able to eat a good dinner together and at home too.  I think I now get a bit of a reprieve from all the busyness and running around for a little while.

Fred Meyer haul

Friday was a quiet evening spent at home and I breathed a big sigh of relief.  Saturday I was up bright and early as I had to take the oldest in to take the college ACT exam.  While I was out I stopped at Fred Meyer for groceries and the feed store and picked up a 50# bag of pellets for the hens.  

Markdowns!  A loaf of bread and two packages of english muffins for the girls
Loads of produce for salads and cooking

I did a small amount of grocery shopping .  Mainly, I did a produce run and scored some pretty fantastic deals with markdown items.  I also picked up a package of chicken breasts and some breakfast sausages on sale.

Chicken breasts $1.99 a pound and breakfast links 2/$5

Despite all the busyness I did manage to keep up on my 15 minute chores throughout the week as well as the watering.  No matter what time you manage to get home at night it is always nice to walk into a clean and tidy home and to know you have plenty of clean clothes to wear.

My Friday freebie items - two bottled waters and a pasta side dish

I composted coffee grounds, onion skins and eggs shells.  I gave our kitchen scraps to the chickens and picked them some more dandelion greens and milk weeds out of our yard.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. I so enjoy your blog. You are such a busy family and I love how you all get it done! Good health and many blessings to the three of you.

    1. Thank you Tana. And I wish the same to you as well. Take care!

  2. It is always so nice to have meals prepped. I am beginning keto this week and have at least a fair amount of veggies prepped so I can whip up some meals quickly.
    I need to start the 15 minute at night routine!

    1. You won't be sorry for either one, keto or 15 minute cleaning. Both of these things have dramatically transformed my life. Yay!

  3. That sounds like a great week!
    I have a busy week ahead, but my latest goal is to cook or bake something "extra" every day. I'm home with all the kids for the summer and am having a hard time keeping everyone fed! I'm trying to pack picnic lunches every day to eat while we'really out and about, and picnic dinners often too at my son''s baseball games. It's easier to pack this stuff when I have extra snack type food prepared...muffins, granola, cookies, popcorn, etc.

    1. Oh good luck! Sounds like a busy summer, but you've got a good plan. I think I failed miserably last week feeding us dinner when out and about. Wish I had been better prepared.

  4. MAN, I am jealous of your fruit and veggie markdowns. These hardly ever happen for me here in Colorado, though I do ok in the meat department. (Latest score: $1/pound for ground beef.) I did use a lot of cost-cutting tricks for our youngest daughter's wedding reception last Tuesdady -- and of course, nobody there knew! Which was very satisfying. I only wished we still had chickens -- they would have loved the leftovers I had to throw away.
    Keep up the good work. Really enjoy hearing about what you're doing. What's the scoop on the kitties -- how are they? What about your Christmas plans?

    1. Fred Meyer is the only store in our area that does this and I really appreciate that they do. Good job on the ground beef. Kitties are doing well and Christmas plans are in the making, but I haven't quire firmed it all up. Still a WIP. Have a great week Cindy. :)

  5. Family busy-ness, I love it! I am the designated "mom-chauffeur" too, but I don't mind. My daughter and I have some of the best conversations and bonding in the car.

    Hope your daughter did well on her ACT - I'm sure she did :) It's great that they're able to take the SAT/ACT several times if they want. My daughter took the ACT once and SAT twice, also attending SAT tutoring in preparation for it as well. College acceptance rates here in California have been dropping radically every year leading to more students applying out of state.

    I told my daughter about yours having a paid internship for the summer already, she was so impressed!

    I really enjoy your posts on grocery shopping and your meal prep. It's comforting to see daily life goings-on, it's soothing :)


    1. I'm hoping she did well too. Her SAT score was really good so I'm hopeful her ACT score will be right there as well. My daughter did SAT tutoring and online tutoring to prep for the ACT. It's a lot for these kids to do to get ready. Tell your daughter thank you and thanks to you as well. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy my ramblings.


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