Monday, June 25, 2018

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

I woke up to rain on Sunday morning and was very happy about it too.  It meant I didn't need to get outside and water the lawn and the garden beds.  Yes!  Instead I climbed into my recliner with a hot cup of coffee and greeted my morning slowly.  I had a big work week ahead of me and I needed to gear myself up for it.  So one less chore to do and a little downtime was much appreciated.

Instead the oldest one and I headed off to Cash & Carry once they were open and picked up a few things we were low on as well as two 10# packages of their 80% lean ground beef that was on for $18.88 each!  At a $1.89 a pound that is a steal!  Plus, their 10# packages usually weigh closer to 11#s so you essentially end up with an extra pound for free.

Our haul after a trip to Cash & Carry and Dollar Tree

My girls are amazing.  They insist we celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day as I perform both of those jobs on a daily basis.  They got me a T-shirt for Father's Day that says "Warning.  Don't touch my tools or my daughter."  Ha, ha!

Monday evening after work I took one of the packages of ground beef and cut it in two.  I put half of it into a big pot and browned it up with a chopped onion and then made beanless chili out of it.  My youngest doesn't care for beans and right now I'm not supposed to eat them so this works really well for both of us.  I keep cooked beans in the freezer so my oldest can add them to her chili anytime she wants.  I put half of the chili into containers and into the freezer for future meals and the remainder was eaten throughout the week.

Big meatballs for the freezer

With the other half of the ground beef I grated up a zucchini, chopped up an onion and added some shredded carrots I had leftover from our salad bar on Saturday.  I mixed it all together with herbs, spices, eggs and Worcestershire and made a bunch of meatballs and a nice sized meat loaf.  I put the meatballs on plates and stuck them in the freezer.  I then placed the meatloaf into a gallon Ziploc bag and put it into the freezer as well.

Tuesday morning I got up and put all of the meatballs into a gallon sized Ziploc bag and then back into the freezer.  I love having these meatballs and a meat loaf already done up and ready for future meals.  Yay!

I worked another extra long day (7am - 8pm) putting in more overtime.  I'm pretty happy about that although I was starting to get pretty tired from all of the long hours.  That being said I am also truly grateful for the change in my health situation as I honestly don't think I would have been able to keep up otherwise.  I was definitely able to pull my own weight.  I am so very thankful for how well I am feeling and doing.

Wednesday after work I got out the other 10# package of ground beef and divided it up into smaller meal sized packages.  I put all of the smaller packages into a two gallon Ziploc bag to keep them contained and better protected from freezer burn.  Then into the freezer they went.

At the beginning of the week our refrigerator was packed
Loads of leftovers sitting on the bottom shelf

We did a little refrigerator clean up and had leftovers for supper that evening and again the next day as well.  Nice to get things used up and not have any food waste.  Plus!  No extra cooking required.

On Friday the girls and I went out to dinner to celebrate a big change in our life, mostly mine, but one that affects us all.  I'll be sharing that news with all of you later in the week so stay tuned for that update.  It is really good news.

I use this app a lot!

When we got home I spent some time carefully planning my next grocery shopping trip and crafting a good list of what I wanted to buy.  I'd been working on it throughout the week and needed to get my plans firmed up and print off my list and make sure I'd downloaded all of my digital coupons.

Saturday proved to be our busiest day of the week.  We got up plenty early and got our day started, first with grocery shopping.  Not that we needed anything, but there were some super sales that I just didn't want to pass up.

My freebies!  The eggs came from Albertson's and the rest was from Fred Meyer

First to Fred Meyer to pick up some sales items there, including cheese for 99¢ per package, and all of the Friday Freebies I'd collected in the last few weeks.

Then to Albertsons to stock up on chicken and steaks that were on sale plus use some digital and paper coupons I had to shave even more off of our bill.  I'm going to go over how I did this a little more in another post so you can get a better idea of how this girl shops.

After I got all of my groceries put away the girls and I hopped in the car to go over and help some friends of ours give their kitchen cabinets the same treatment I did to the cabinets in the motorhome.

This is what we used and they were super happy with how
the cabinets turned out.  They look great!

I picked some milk weeds from my neighbor's yard for my hens.  We fed our kitchen scraps to them last week as well.

We composted onion skins, a banana peel, egg shells and coffee grounds.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. Love the shirt the girls gave you. You are very lucky they see you as both mom and pop!

    1. I laughed so hard when I saw that, cause it's kind of true! Ha, ha!!

  2. You gave me my smile for the day with the shirt the girls gave you. I love that they celebrate both Mother's Day and Father's Day with you. I too was a single parent for many years. It's a tough job but so worth it. You have such awesome sweet girls. Take care.

    1. Good for you Crystal. Tough job and the best job ever. I am so blessed with my girls. They are the light of my life!


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