Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Motorhome Cabinets - Restor-A-Finish Is Awesome!

You have already seen snippets here and there of the cabinetry in the motorhome as I've shared other projects I've completed.  Today I thought I would show you the cabinets now that they have all been refinished.

Here is a shot of the cabinet underneath the sink
Left is before and right is after - Wow!

The original finish was starting to flake off and the wood was really dry.  They needed a little love.  After some research and viewing several Youtube videos I decided to go with Howard Restor-A-Finish to refinish the oak cabinets and boy am I glad I did.  For one thing, this stuff really works!

Kitchen is all done

Microwave cabinet up over the stove

The dish cupboard over the sink

It does a phenomenal job, is low in fumes and odor and you don't have to dismantle anything.  There isn't any real prep work to do either other than to wash the surface off to remove any grease and grime that may have accumulated.  I was fortunate here as well.  The previous owners had kept Laverne really clean. 

Kind of dark, but here is the view of the "living room"
 And I know you probably want to see the insides so I'm including some of those shots too.

Inside the cupboards over the couch
Lots of bins to keep things organized - they are all empty right now

I love that I have easy access to the storage under the couch

I used 0000 grit steel wool and got busy doing it exactly like I had seen on the videos and had also read on the back of the can.  Working my way around the motorhome I did every wooden surface there was.  After letting it dry a couple days I followed up with the recommended beeswax polish.  I couldn't be happier and the whole project cost me less than $25!  Can you believe that?!

Over the dinette

And inside with more of the bins
The one on the left sits on its side to corral the bath towels
 I got these bins at Dollar Tree

My closet

Plenty of storage with more bins and a shelf I added in the bottom
So far I just have hangers, a coat and a backpack in there

This cupboard under the refrigerator is still a work in progress
Another shot of the back with the pantry

So what do you think?  Pretty amazing, huh?  I am really pleased with it.


  1. I'm enjoying these Laverne updates. :-)

    - Molly

  2. LaVerne is just so adorable! Thank you for letting us have our peeks!

    Can't believe how well that Restore-A-Finish works! I have a desk whose writing surface has seen better days. I have often wanted to take it someplace to get it restored, but now I will try it on my own, first! I can't make it look any worse than it already does!

    1. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Let me know how it goes!

  3. I use this product all the time and I can't say enough about it!! I use it on my antique furniture, just to give the wood a little lift. It gives a gorgeous sheen, and deepens the color just a bit....I love it! My friend used it on her wood flooring and it looks brand new!! Awesome product!!

  4. That looks like a fabulous product to use. You wood looks like new!

    1. I couldn't believe it worked so well. Yaaay!

  5. Laverne is looking awesome...you did a fabulous job on the cabinets...painting my kitchen cabinets are on my long household to do list...

    1. Thank you Kelley. I need to repaint my kitchen cabinets too. Ugh, I don't love painting.

  6. Your cabinets look great!! I just love your big window by the sofa in your camper.

    1. Thanks so much. The windows are what really sold me on this rig. I love how open and spacious it feels inside.

  7. Wow is right!! That looks fabulous!! :)

  8. What a huge difference! It makes Laverne shine!

    1. Can you believe it? Now you know what to use in your future motorhome. :)


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