Monday, July 17, 2017

Last Week's Thrifty Moves

This week whizzed right on by.  Was it a quick one for you too?  Heck, the month is half way over already!

I went through my sewing stash and made a few small gifts.  One will be a stocking stuffer and another one is going to be part of a gift basket I made.

I mended a bra and a hole in one of my socks.  I stitched up the sock while it was on my foot!  No better time than the present.

We did our best to keep ahead of the heat by using the box fan at the back door in the early morning to bring in cool air and closing up the house and drawing the shades while the A/C ran during the hot afternoons and evenings.  So far, so good.  And it has bee HOT!

I baked homemade pizza in our convection oven in the garage so I didn't need to use the big oven and heat up the kitchen.  I am liking this set up more and more.

I downloaded a gob of digital coupons to both my Fred Meyer and Albertson's store rewards cards.

I made a list for back to school items we will need.  Mostly it is comprised of grocery items for school lunches and new lunch boxes.  It does not look like the girls will need much, if anything, in the way of shoes or clothing.  Yes!

My youngest needed a ride home from her book club at the public library Friday evening.  On the way to pick her up I made a quick stop in at the dollar store to pick up a few things on my list.  Since Trader Joe's is nearby too we picked her up and headed over there for my weekly shop.  I also picked up a few back to school and gift items while I was shopping.  I feel so accomplished.

I renewed my Tracfone cell phone service for the next three months for $30.  I used a promotional code I found online to add 60 additional minutes for talk or texting.  Usually I only spend $20 each time I renew service as I rarely use all of my minutes and I rollover quite a bit, however lately I've used my phone a lot so I wanted to stock up on some extra time.  Still, $30 for three months of cell phone service, not too shabby.

Saturday morning I finished up my regular shopping with a quick trip to Fred Meyer.  I had downloaded my Friday Freebie the day before so I had accumulated three items to pick up, but despite the fact that I had a list I forgot to grab up my freebies.  Oh well, next time.

The girls and I got busy and did some more work on the chicken coop.  I'll be putting up a post soon about what all we've been doing once we get this project finished up.  It's looking really good out there!

We composted egg shells, coffee grounds, banana peels, onion skins and chicken manure.  We also gave our kitchen scraps to the chickens.

Despite the hot weather the hens laid plenty of eggs and Saturday after we got done working on it they all four laid.  It is funny, but every time we work on the coop the girls make sure we know how much it is appreciated.

How was your thrifty week?


  1. How funny that you sewed your sock while on your foot. You are brave! I made your crab salad recipe that you posted a few days ago. It is definitely a keeper!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I know right. But I figured if I didn't do it I'd forget about. LOL I'm so glad you liked the salad.

  2. I would love to hear your gift ideas that you made with your sewing supplies. I am always looking for new ideas and I have a good supply of sewing items. Do you have a pinterest page that you put ideas on? My goal was to buy a few stocking stuffers and make one gift by July 25th. So far I have bought the stuffers and am making a gift. I am not sure I will have it done by the 25th. Some smaller fast projects would be great.

    Candace Posey

    1. I have to be careful sharing my gift ideas or I give it away what I'm giving to people, ha, ha. Sounds like you are off to a great start. I really need to get busy.

      I do have a Pinterest page.

  3. I'm sorry it has been so hot down there. We finally got a break from the heat and I am so thankful for it.

    You are doing great with your savings. My hubby and I both have trac phones and we have to buy a card for his every 3 months. I will have to look for coupons online so I can reload his card through there. My trac phone is free for me because I won free minutes and service in some random contest they had. I'm not complaining! ;)

    1. yesterday and today haven't been too bad. I don't usually mind it but when you need to get some stuff done outside it is a bit rough.

      That is awesome that you won free service for your phone. Lucky girl!


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