Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What We've Been Eating Lately #5

It has been really hot lately and that often means getting into the mood to cook, let alone eat, can be a little iffy.  But I think we managed it fairly well in spite of that.  I mean, much as we'd like to, we can't eat ice cream for dinner every night, right?

Grilled chicken & avocado sandwich
on homemade whole wheat bread

Sliced turkey sandwich

My daughters made pan pizzas

Black bean enchiladas ready for the oven

Chinese chicken salad

Veggie cheddar quiche

Teryaki sirloin steak & asian coleslaw

Vanilla ice cream & sliced strawberries

Blueberry muffins & coffee for breakfast

Shredded wheat with sliced banana & strawberries

Garlic shrimp & cabbage salad with artichoke hearts

My daughter's version of Mongolian noodles

Salmon & spinach salad

Sirloin steak & sauteed green beans

Mushroom & red pepper omelet

Egg salad on dill rye bread

Fruit salad

Oatmeal with dried fruit, sliced almonds & vanilla almond milk

Tomato & avocado sandwich with fruit salad

Salads and sandwich played a key role in a lot of our meals lately.  What are some of your go-to meals during the dog days of summer?


  1. Wow! such variety and it all looks so yummy!! I tried a new potato and ham casserole crockpot recipe that was good, but better suited for cooler weather. You girls have the greatest ideas!

    1. Thank you so much. We've been doing a lot of entertaining lately so I haven't been able to slack off much. Maybe next month, ha, ha.

  2. Would you share your black bean enchilada recipe? They look so tasty.


    1. I'd like that recipe too!

    2. I'd like that recipe too!

  3. Your meals all look so good! We have been doing sandwiches a lot lately too. My hubby takes 2 to work with him each night so I try to not make sandwiches for other meals but sometimes that is about all I can manage. ;) I do try to cook once and eat twice for most meals but if it is something my hubby really loves, there frequently are not leftovers unless I hide some before he dishes out his plate. The way I see it though is that he works hard and needs the extras. :)

    1. Yes he does! I do that with my kids too sometimes. If I want leftovers for my lunch I'll fix it first and then call them to the table. I never want to tell them they can't have more.


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