Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Spare Bed

We've had a lot of company this summer and I love it!  As many of you know our home is rather small so to accommodate overnight guests we have to get a bit creative.  Lately, my oldest has been graciously giving up her room to our guests while bunking with little sister and it is working out quite well.

I decided big sister needed a better sleeping set up than her sleeping bag and camp pad on the floor so I perused my options.  A foam mattress that would roll up or a roll-a-way bed were both high on the list, however storing them seemed problematic.  We really don't have much space available for that.

In the end I opted for a twin air bed with a built in pump.  This one was on Amazon for about $30 and had great ratings.  I had spent a lot more money on a full sized bed several years ago and we got three good years of heavy use out of it.  In fact, that was what I slept on for a couple of months when we first moved back into our house.  I'm hoping this one lasts us awhile too, but if not I don't feel like I have made a huge investment.

My daughter says it is surprisingly comfortable.  We like that it inflates quickly and it sits higher off the ground than most making it easy to get on and off.  It fits regular sheets too.

The bed came with a carry tote for storage and when not in use deflates, folds up and tucks right inside.  We are able to keep it on a shelf in my youngest's bedroom closet and it takes up very little space.  Much better than trying to store a roll-a-way bed or even a foam mattress.

The girls have mentioned taking it with us next time we stay in a hotel.  Pretty good idea really.  All in all, air beds are not a bad way to go.


  1. I have one of these that I keep at my daughter's home, as she doesn't have extra bed space. I love it!

  2. My oldest son had one similar to that and it was really comfortable. He loaned it out to someone and they moved and took it with them. You have to wonder who raised someone like that. ;)

    1. Rude! I'll hang on to ours and not loan it out. ;)

  3. Love air beds! We have a queen size one that we use every year multiple times for making our out of town guests comfortable. It also keeps my craft room from become un-usable, since the queen bed fills most of the floor! It, like yours, has an electric pump and inflates quickly. I've slept on it multiple times myself, and it's so comfortable. Yes, I agree that taking your twin air mattress with you to hotels will be a great idea, and much more comfortable than the floor or a pull out sofa. Also, I love hearing about Adventures with LaVerne! Enjoy!! With love from another Boisean, Teresa

    1. We got a rollaway bed at a hotel once and it was horrible! OMGosh it was bad. So this is going to be nice as the girls don't really care for sharing a bed. The fact that we each have our own bed in Laverne is huge! Have a fabulous weekend Teresa!


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