Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Sending Out Easter Cards

Every year I send an Easter card to my loved ones that don't live nearby.  It allows me to touch base and say hello as most of them I haven't heard from since Christmas.  The dollar store is a great place to pick up affordable Easter cards to send out at 50¢ apiece.  At that price it is super affordable to send greeting cards anytime you want.

An even more affordable way to send out greeting cards is to make them yourself, especially if you use items you already happen to have on hand.  In my goal to use up what I already have I chose this option and pulled out cardstock, leftover scraps of scrapbooking paper, ribbon from my sewing stash and a bottle of glue.

I begin by making my card bases, which is super simple.  I cut my cardstock in half, fold each half in half, then trim the edge along the bottom and one side by 1/8 inch.  Trimming just a little bit so they are slightly smaller makes them easier to slide in and out of the envelope.

I found an image I really liked online and I printed four of them out onto a piece of cardstock.  I like to cut them to size and use the scrapbook paper scraps to glue behind, layering them to make a border effect.  Then I glue that to the front of the card base and its a card!  How easy is that?

At this point I can embellish my card to dress it up a bit more.  I chose to add a simple little bow to mine.  I can also print out a greeting to put inside or use them more like a note card and handwrite something.

Several years ago I bought a box of 100 invitation size envelopes to use for card making.  I still have a ton of them left.  100 cards lasts a good long time and they aren't all that expensive either.  I ordered mine from Amazon.  You can also make envelopes using a piece of plain copy paper.

I like to make my own return address labels.  I use labels I bought on Amazon years ago too.  A package of labels seems to last forever as well.  You can put images on the labels or leave them plain.  I like to dress them up with stickers I bought at Dollar Tree.  I also have some Easter stickers I picked up at Walgreens forever ago.  I have so much stuff to use up.  It's crazy!

I spent a whopping thirty minutes putting together these greeting cards and enjoyed myself thoroughly.  A quick little craft that will bring joy to the people I send them to as well.  Homemade cards are nice to give and receive.


  1. I love your handmade cards! I was wondering what you were doing for envelopes, so glad you answered that. I didn't know you could buy that size envelope. You are a very creative lady!

    1. They are called "invitation size" envelopes. They come 100 to a box so they'll last you a while. :)

  2. Your cards are adorable and the people who get them will be very lucky!

  3. So pretty! I honestly don’t think i’ve ever sent out Easter cards.. I definitely should try to send out the odd card or two... ;)


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