Thursday, April 24, 2014

Christmas All Year Long - Gift Wrap

This year I do not plan to purchase any gift wrap, gift bags, bows or ribbon for wrapping presents this year.  I still have plenty of stuff leftover from last year.  In fact, I still have two brand new rolls of paper still untouched.  I also have plenty of gift tags left too.

Last Christmas I collected all reusable bows and gift boxes.  I put them in my bag of supplies and they are waiting patiently for me in the storage bay under my bed.  In addition to all the regular gift wrap supplies I also have a lot of ribbon in with my sewing supplies.  One thing I have always wanted to do is use artificial poinsettias to decorate packages with.  If I do I'll most likely get them at the dollar store.

I always want our wrapped gifts to look really nice and pretty.  It is my goal to make sure they don't look like I'm reusing stuff or being cheap about it.  I think if we get really crafty around here we'll be able to wrap up our gifts and they'll look fantastic. 

How important is the wrapping part of gift giving to you?  Do you enjoy it or is it more of a dreaded chore?


  1. I usually reuse bows and ribbons when they are still in usable condition. I do like wrapping presents but I occasionally reuse gift bags too (again when they are still in usable condition.)
    When it comes to paper, I have used the comics section of the newspaper to wrap gifts that are for children. I take advantage of after Christmas clearance sales to buy my wrapping paper (I usually can get rolls for 75%-90% off retail price) and I look for paper that can be used for occasions other than Christmas. For example one year I got light blue paper with white polka dots on it- I used that for birthday and baby shower gifts. Last year after Christmas, for 50 cents I got a roll of shiny solid red wrapping paper that can be used for other occasions throughout the year.
    I have also gotten nice paper and gift bags at Dollar Tree.
    I usually make my own gift tags for year-round gifts and I print out labels for Christmas gifts.

    1. I love it when I can find paper that can be used for all occasions. Once again, you've got to love Dollar Tree!


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